Friday, January 14, 2011

New Year, Sparkling Jellies, of course

This is what we had to ring in the new year. 

Normally, it would be a drop of something sparkling in a glass, but this year, I decided to get with the jelllies again and try incorporating bubbles into a dessert. 

The recipe calls for a pink sparkling wine, like Moscato, and its sweet (alchoholic) effervescence makes the jelly that little bit more grown up.  If you don't want it to be so *hic* grown-up, just substitute some of the wine with water to make up the amount of liquid.

And how was new year's eve?  Well, it was humid and warm, and after strolling down the road to view the spectacular Sydney fireworks, we came home, got tipsy on sparkling jelly with raspberries and watched dvds of the 'IT Crowd'.  A fine night!

Sparkling Jellies
serves 8

2 1/2  tsp gelatine powder
1/4 cup (60ml) water
750ml  pink sparkling wine, such as Moscato
1/2 cup (110g) caster sugar, to taste

1.  Place the gelatine and water in a cup and stir to combine.  Set aside for 5 minutes or until the gelatine is absorbed.
2.  Place the wine and sugar in a saucepan over medium heat and stir until sugar is dissolved.  Add the gelatine  and cook, stirring, for 1-2 minutes until the gelatine is dissolved.  Set aside to cool.
3.  Divide the mixture between 4 glasses and refrigerate 3 hours or overnight until set.  Serve with berries, sorbet or ice cream.

recipe adapted from donna hay (dec/jan 2011)

The wine used was Killawarra Dusk, a strawberry-infused sparkling wine.  Actually, it was rather grim when drunk on its own, and adding sugar to it in this jelly was the only way to make it palatable. 
These jellies were served with fresh raspberries.
The jelly has a lovely tingling effect on the tongue due to the bubbles in the wine.
Perfect for that sparkling occasion!


  1. These are so very dainty! A grown up version of a childhood classic!

  2. Can imagine how ordinary this would be without booze. Bring on the bubbles!

  3. I still remember your last jelly recipe! This is even better!

  4. Hic! Fabulous idea for ringing in the New Year, hic!

  5. Love that tingly sensation in jellies made with carbonated liquids.

    Sounds like it was an awesome night. Love IT Crowd!

  6. I wish we'd had these for new years too! Please make me remember it for next year. I will hold you responsible if I forget again! :D

  7. What a light and refreshing take on a dessert choice! These photographs are simply enticing. Nice easy and simple. Perfect!

  8. This is simple recipe that is elegant with a lovley presentation! The use of sparkling wine adds the perfect zest!

  9. That looks beautiful for a warm summer's evening. After new year in the snow I'm looking forward to enjoying some summer fruit again. Happy New Year!

  10. These are beautiful, Bel! I love the idea of a sparkling jelly, especially for when it starts to warm up here again. Hmm, I wonder if I could do this with a sparkling wine and agar agar?!

  11. Oh WOW... that is so pretty!The idea of a sparkling jelly is so so cool especially in summer.

  12. How elegant and simple! This would be great for almost anyone with food restrictions too (no wheat, dairy, eggs, nuts etc) - assuming alcohol and fruit are no problem :) I must admit I think I'd add some cream mmmmm.

  13. this is so refreshing to look at some summer recipes !!Many thanks

  14. so pretty like jewelries hehe :)
    great way to use up alcohol in desserts! id totally serve that if im hosting dinner at my place...elegant!