Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mochi, Mooncakes and MFest09

The past weekend was a busy one, filled with festivals, food and fun.

First up, Malaysia Fest (aka MFest) is an annual get-together organised by the Malaysian students' organisations in Sydney. It was held in Tumbalong Park at Darling Harbour and consists mainly of food stalls, live entertainment and a cultural stand (there may have been a Malaysian tourism stand in there, too).

We come for the food, though, and there is a wide range to be had. I played it safe (and didn't want to queue at too many stalls) by getting my lunch from Mamak - roti telur, satay chicken and teh tarik - amazingly good considering they are preparing the food outdoors on non-restaurant stoves.

Click on the picture below to see larger:
(top to bottom, L to R): Crowds in the (windy) sun at Tumbalong Park; great singer on stage; eating with the city backdrop;
wandering tiger; goods at the Ayam stall; Mamak stall;
making roti at Mamak; roti telur with egg filling and dipping sauces; teh tarik;
cendol drink from Cafe Kasturi; chicken satay from Mamak

Later we wandered to the Shushinbou mochi stall in World Square where I got a strawberry mochi - straight out of the freezer, which the salesgirl said was best. It was strawberry icecream with berry bits, covered in an icing sugar-dusted chewy ball - refreshing and delicious and cool.

Mochi for gift-giving; bite taken out of my mini strawberry mochi ($1.75 limited offer!)

Getting ahead of myself there, before World Square, we stopped at Market City to check out the mooncake stands. There was a large variety for sale though I do like the red bean or white lotus ones with 1 or 2 egg yolks. The Moon Festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese calendar, which is on 3rd October this year.

I got some mooncakes for personal eating (my birthday is on August moon this year! how 'bout a moon birthday cake?) and some for giving:

There was also a night of eating burgers after all of this, but it doesn't fit in with my Mochi Mooncake MFest theme, so I'll tell you about that another time...



  1. So much fun! I love mochi mooncakes. This is my new addiction. I particularly like the greentea version. To die for!

  2. Looks like a food-filled day all round! The strawberry ice cream mochi looks good and ooh your birthday in on August moon? A mooncake birthday cake sounds ideal :)

  3. Mmmm... mooncake as a birthday cake! I like your thinking!

    Looks like you had fabulous weather for the day. That frozen strawberry mochi looks goodddd!

  4. I've never tried a mochi mooncake before. Mooncake is something that I used to hate when I was younger, but now I can't get enough of them - which is actually a bad thing, considering how calorie dense they are! hehe..

  5. When I was in Japan I used to walk past the Mochi stand. Oh they are so delicious. Black Sesame Mochi is my favourite.

  6. I think I prefer mochi mooncakes to regular ones! They do look rather good :D

  7. Hmm mayb I should've gone again haha but last year was a bit meh. Did mamak bump up the prices like last year?

  8. I just had a breakthrough, Belle! I just had my first ever Zumbo cake and all the time I was eating it I thought of you because I knew I just had to tell you! :D Hahahahaha yes I know I'm weird hihihi

  9. hi Penny - aren't the mochi mooncakes fantastic? I love the pastel colours they come in, too.

    hi Helen - yes, I'll try and source a BIG mooncake this year!

    hi Rilsta - I love outdoor festivals but you are at the mercy of the elements. Nice sunny day for MFest, though.

    hi Betty - I can feel the kilos piling on when I bite into mooncake, so I try to limit myself to a quarter of one only. Haha, never works!

    hi A cupcake or two - gosh, black sesame would be unbelievable. I saw a peanut butter one at the shop that I should have gotten.

    hi Lorraine - mochi mooncakes are a bit lighter than the traditional lard-y ones. I think they each have their own charms!

    hi FFichiban - I didn't think the prices were too bad - $6 for the roti and $6 the satays. It's the flavour that makes them stand out, so it was worth it!

    hi Trisha - congratulations! I hope it was a good one. Will you become a Zumbo addict like me, hehe??

  10. I like the ayam tiger. The icecream mochi sounds amazing, and very refreshing.