Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sweet as: White chocolate and raspberry parfait

I usually like to have a supply of white chocolate in the house so that I can bake goodies like the Salted White Chocolate Oatmeal cookies. However, lately, someone (no names) has been eating the chocolate before I can get to use it.

So the following recipe was a last-minute decision, to stop you-know-who from getting to it first. It is a take on the traditional parfait, but with fewer ingredients, and with the cream mixed into smooth white chocolate. You could use other fruit besides raspberries – strawberries, mulberries, peaches or even mango.

White Chocolate and Raspberry Parfait
Serves 4


180g white chocolate
1 tblsp orange zest
1 tblsp orange juice
250ml thickened cream
100g raspberries

1. Melt the white chocolate in a bowl over a pan of simmering water; do not let the bowl touch the water. Alternatively (and this is what I did), chop the chocolate roughly and put in a microwaveable bowl, then heat in 1 minute bursts on medium-low, stirring after each minute; it should not take more than 3 minutes in total to melt.
Allow the chocolate to cool slightly.

2. Add the cream, orange zest and juice to the white chocolate. Use an electric mixer to beat until thickened. Do not overbeat, or the mixture will become grainy.

3. Fold the raspberries through the mixture.

4. Spoon into small glasses and chill for one hour before serving.

White chocolate: (before) ready to be melted,and (after) melted;
orange zest; mix the orange, cream and white chocolate together

Spoon into glasses, then chill

White chocolate and raspberries - dig in!


  1. I love the colours!

    One of my favourite treats when I was little was a chocolate parfait from a cafe in my hometown called "Orchidea". Of course, I would call it a "par-fate" and I called the cafe "Or-chid-ee-ah", tee hee. My sister sometimes still teases me about it.

  2. Beautiful and very tempting !
    By the way, how do you make these heart-shaped macarons ?
    The raspberry flavoured ones would be ideal companions for your white chocolate and raspberry cups...

  3. Love the "spur of the moment" following of the recipe!! Looks sensational.

  4. Oohh another white chocolate recipe! I have a love/hate relationship with white chocolate but I've now concluded that although it's not my favourite desserts to eat by itself, white chocolate is superb in baking and cooked dessert dishes!!! This looks absolutely luscious, Belle!

  5. Someone keep stealing my chocolate as well!

    I am developing a liking for white chocolate so this is perfect!

  6. Beautiful colourful berries! I like the idea of the orange zest with the chocolate cream too. Sounds like an excellent way to keep your chocolate safe.

  7. Look at all of the gooey deliciousness! I love the word parfait. I must make one soon!

  8. These look divine and easy to make! It's interesting to put the orange zest & juice with the cream when you are adding raspberries! Could you taste the orange?

  9. The colours look so appealing together and it is surprisingly easy to make! If you find you have "rats" eating your chocolate, you should hide it. I do. I also send the rat out of the room when I need to retrieve the hidden chocolate and set up rationing systems. It works!

  10. Hehe that someone isn't me I promise (although it's something that I'd do). Love your pogress collage photos, they look straight out of a magazine! :)

  11. oh what a great idea, perfect for those mild spring days coming.

    Funnily, the same issue happens at my house with chocolate. Sometimes even with the horrible tasting cooking chocolate...whats up with that!?

  12. hi Conor - er, just how is 'Orchidea' pronounced, then? I'll admit my pronunciation isn't the greatest, but 'parfait' rhymes with 'partaaaay!'

    hi Arunah - yes, raspberry macarons would be brilliant with the parfait. If only I could make them - I bought the heart-shaped ones from Zumbo patissier!

    hi Jennifer - thanks, it WAS good!

    hi Kevin - they tasted great as well.

    hi VeggieGirl - desperate times call for desperate measures, and all that!

    hi Trisha - I know what you mean - white choc can be quite cloying, but in baked goods especially, it's wonderfully smooth.

    hi Anh - I hope you will try this recipe some day.

    hi Arwen - the colour is great, isn't it? Red and white are always right!

    hi Megan - parfait = perfect!

    hi Rilsta - you know, the orange is barely discernible. I've seen similar recipes that use Cointreau, so maybe that would be stronger.

    hi Forager - great idea, except that some 'rodents' are very sneaky and can suss out hidden chocolate from the other room!

    hi Lorraine - hehe, I think there would be lots of suspects when it comes to stolen chocolate!

    hi Maria - umm, I've been known to go for the cooking chocolate when I'm starving - but I draw the line at compounded chocolate - yuck!

  13. Oh my goodness! You really know how to work up my appetite! :) Hope you are doing well my friend!! Always enjoy peeking in on you!

  14. Oh Yumm!! Love the colours and looks soooo tasty and hee hee who doesn't like a parfait ;)?