Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ooh, warm fudgey undercooked brownies!

Donna Hay introduced her range of cupcake and brownie mixes last year, and I’ve only just managed to give them a go. At the launch at David Jones, she gave out samples of the chocolate chunk brownies, and I was really impressed with their rich chocolatey flavour. So how do they really stack up?

The box of Molten Chocolate Chunk Brownies contains a 550g bag of brownie mix and some chocolate pieces. The mix consists of caster sugar, brown sugar, flour, cocoa, vanilla and raising agents. The choc chunks are milk chocolate (not compounded).

It’s a simple process to make the brownies – just combine the mix with 150g melted butter and 2 eggs. Then add the choc chunks and pour into a square cake tin. Bake for 40 minutes.

I took the brownies out of the oven after exactly 40 mins, but they were a bit uncooked in the centre. The edges were beautifully crisp, though. I should have left it in a bit longer, but I was in a rush to go out, and had to take the still warm brownies with me. Tastewise, they are extremely rich and sweet, so just a small piece will do. The box says the mix will make about 16 servings.

BYO Ingredients; mixing in the chocolate chunks; cooked brownie in tin; all wrapped up to go out!
Is it worth the $14.95 price per box? I suppose if you don’t like measuring ingredients, then it is very convenient, as you just need to dump everything into a bowl and stir. To make a comparable slab of brownies (flour, sugar, cocoa) certainly would not cost that much, so if money is not an issue, then the final result is worth it, I think.

I might do a comparison with a ‘homemade’ version of brownies using a Donna Hay recipe in a few weeks.


  1. Ooh they look delish and gooey and fudgey is the only way I like my brownies but *gasp* $14.95?!!

    Worth it? I think not lol!

  2. OMMMGGG that looks sooooooo goooddd! Perfect for a lazy bum like me haha

  3. They look beautifully fudgey in the middle. Getting them out in a hurry seems to have given a great result.

  4. hi Karen - yeah, gasp indeed! I don't think I'll get them again considering they can be made for a lot less!

    hi FFichiban - you aren't lazy, just!

    hi Arwen - yes, I got that same comment, to which I replied "Er, yes, they ARE very moist, aren't they?'.