Thursday, March 19, 2009

A flying visit to Koko Black, Melbourne

There is only one thing worse than having to get up at 5.30am to fly to Melbourne for the day, and that is not having any time to do the wonderful Melbourne things, such as shop and eat.

I had to go down there for work last week, but ended up a) not having any free time (hence no lunch), and b) having to fly back that afternoon (hence no shop). Luckily, though, I arrived about 10 minutes early for my meeting, so I got the driver to drop me off a block before the client’s, ie. in Bourke St mall, right near the Royal Arcade, where the chocolate shop Koko Black resides.

The arcade itself is relatively manky, and I have never actually sat down in the shop (recently renovated). It’s always been wham bam thank you ma’am for the chocolates. This time was no exception.

I came away with some favourite blocks of white chocolate with pistachio, and dark chocolate with walnuts and stem ginger. I love Koko Black, as in my opinion, their chocolate runs rings around Haigh’s and Lindt even though they are pretty good too.

And I had to squash the chocolates into my bag, underneath some papers, so the client would not see them.


  1. I agree that Koko Black does the best chocolates. I don't think I've tried the Walnut and Ginger. I like the Baileys and the Chai flavours best. The Cassis is unusual too, but I can't quite decide if it's a favourite.

  2. I really like the chocolate lollipops at Koko Black-so delicious! I wish they'd open one here so that I could try more :)

  3. hi Arwen - there are so many flavours, I need to go back for the Bailey's!

    hi Lorraine - there are about 5 stores in Victoria, so they should consider opening here. There is certainly a market for chocolate!