Sunday, February 1, 2009

Several blasts from the past (and a plea, please!)

Run, don’t walk, to Adriano Zumbo Patissier.
Why? Well, for a limited time, some old favourites are making an appearance for Valentine’s Day. They include:

Wheelie good
Vanilla millefeuille
Miss marple
Cherry cherry
Dulce de leche éclair

Here is a quick montage in case you missed them the first time. Charming Charles (from the shop) advises that they are available until February 15. And the dates are when they first appeared (approx.)

PS: The Houdini is not actually available at present; but it could be if one can be naggy enough. So, if you visit the shop, please put in a good word for it on my behalf.


  1. AHHHHH THE WHEELIE GOOD!!!! MUST.EAT.NOW oh man im excited!

  2. Oh my god, the original Wheelie Good is just an amazing piece of gateaux! :D I had a Barbados too and that was great but the Wheelie Good is da bomb.

  3. OOHHH thank goodness I come back on the 15th! I will hit it up thhxxxx!

  4. hi chocolatesuze - I didn't know you were a Wheelie Good fan. It sounds the most popular.

    hi Lorraine - the older cakes bring back memories. Remember the Ispahan tribute? Beautiful.

    hi FFichiban - Hope you get there. Maybe you should reserve something!

  5. I missed the Ispahan tribute *sob sob* Maybe he'll bring that back again. He's at the Coupe de Monde pastry championships now so maybe he'll come back with some fantastic inspiration!

  6. hi Lorraine - Another one to nag for! And yay, go Aussie!

  7. omg omg omg.. i've been dying for the wheelie good to make its return onto the stage. Thanks for the update. I have to arrange for a special trip to Balmain.