Friday, February 6, 2009

London phone boxes rule

Why have I posted this? Well, I have a thing for the lovely red English telephone boxes. There's something about their bright, glossy rectangular-ness that is so ... British!

I put this postcard together because a colleague from our London office sent pictures of this week's snowfall, including a snowy phone box. It almost matches the one I took (in summer) on Victoria Embankment.

PS: There are also black phone boxes that are also lovely and very elegant.


  1. As a British-born I'm invariably proud of these icons. I love them...they're a little piece of home :)

  2. hi Karen - so you are a proud Brit! Congrats on having such a great icon!

  3. Oooh yes I love the London phone boxes too! I bought a little pencil sharpener in the shape of a red London phone box. Funny how form can make such an pedestrian thing desirable (imagine getting excited over a phone box here lol)