Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another pre-Valentines revisit

Here is another oldie from Adriano Zumbo in time for Valentine's Day:
The Fleur d'Fraise from Zumbo first appeared in late 2007 (before this blog started). It consists of pistachio dacquoise, creme coconut patisserie and fresh strawberries. The only different between this version and the one from 2007 is the price (was $6.40, now $7.60). And it's worth every luscious, crumbly, creamy cent!

Strangely, I don't remember much of the old one except for the pictures I took back then. It looks exactly the same, though, as these new photos attest. A few more oldies (ie. cakes) were in the shop this weekend. Remember, if you visit them, they will come.


  1. Hi Belle!

    You have a lovely blog! I like your photos, and how you collage them together. Nice work. Oh gosh, Zumbos...I know so many people obsessed with that place! And for a good reason, too!

    Thanks also for dropping by and reading my blog- I really appreciate it.

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend- it's great icecream-eating weather!

    Carla :)

  2. oh wow.. i was an adriano zumbo novice back in 07, so never had the opportunity to try this piece.. I'm definitely speeding to Balmain on Sunday.. Thanks for all the zumbo updates, very beneficial for us westies =D

  3. hi Carla - thanks for visiting!

    hi Linda - Don't you love that Zumbo is reissuing these cakes? Hope you get lots on Sunday.

  4. Hi Belle

    I'm so inspired by a couple of adriano zumbo's creation that I'm gonna combine all my favourite zumbos into one of my own.. I'll allocate a whole of sunday to see if it works out, wish me luck =D

  5. hi Linda - that sounds so very intriguing! Best of luck, can't wait to see it!