Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Three new cakes, one uninterested cat

Had a mini crop at my place on the weekend, so it was a chance to sample the new Adriano Zumbo cakes for afternoon tea (as if I needed an excuse?).

Doesn’t the new range look spectacular, all lined up in the glass case; it’s sensory overload, so be patient on the poor indecisive customers who can’t make up their minds when confronted with such Beauty.

I got 3 cakes, mainly based on their appearance.

Epice is pistachio cheesecake with whole morello cherries and lime and cardamom mousse and pistachios. It is apparently very reminiscent of Indian desserts (according to Mandy, who knows these things).

Next is a new Charlotte, Guadeloupe, though I’m not sure where the Mexican connection is. She is made of dacquoise, chocolate bavaroise, caramelised pineapple with a choc macaron fence around it. I thought I detected ginger in the pineapple as well, but that could be my imagination. I love the AZ ribbon around it as well.

Then, another cloud, Stormy. Filled with tangy lime crème, it is topped with soft Italian meringue. The blue dust on top has glitter sprinkled through it as well. Spectacular, as the young punters around the display case will agree…(lots of ‘awww mum, I want that one??’)

I have to say that the cakes went down a treat. Tabby was apathetic though she looks kinda interested in the photo.

And thanks, Lin Mei and Mandy for coming over. Our crop was real fun (and delicious)!


  1. aw i was so tempted to get the storm cloud it looked so pretty! and the st honore! no worries ill be back soon as im sure you will too hehe

  2. Thank YOU for the great hospitality, belle! I had a terrific time and all of the Zumbo's that we had was amazing. Auntie liked the Epice the most and Hubby's favourite was the Cinque Terre.

    I can't believe that was four days ago ... it has gone past in a cardmaking blur for me!

  3. Oooh that storm cloud is beeyootiful! I can't believe I am overseas while the new collection is out. But thanks to you I don't feel like I'm missing out that much :)

  4. lin mei - so glad you all enjoyed the cakes. And I can't wait to see the fruits of your recent cardmaking efforts!

    lorraine - the range is available till November so you'll be able to try when you return. And reading your posts, I feel like (ie. wish) I was eating Japanese food in Tokyo!