Saturday, July 5, 2008

Last call for old tarts

This is the last cake (and chocolate) I had from Adriano Zumbo. Last one from the old range, that is, because the new range is out now. Vale Maxiadz.

And, no, I don't usually eat the cake off the floor, I just wanted to see what Tabs would do with it. And she does what she always does - nothing.

For something different, here is something from Emperor's Garden cake shop in Chinatown. It was very nice, and for $1.80, excellent value. We can't worship at King Adriano's altar all the time, so the emperor is just as good...almost.


  1. Great post title, belle! The cappucino chocolates are really cute - what is the foam made of?

    Looking forward to tomorrow!

  2. hi lin mei - the 'foam' is white chocolate, and there was coffee-flavoured mousse inside! Can't wait to try the new cakes tomorrow...