Monday, July 7, 2008

Scenes from the mall

Hasn't Rhodes (near Homebush, NSW) changed a lot? At least, I think it has. I remember only 10 years ago when there was nothing there. Now, it houses NSW's only IKEA, as well as a shopping centre and thousands of snazzy apartments. And for us, it's a destination in itself, with a semi-express train from the city getting us there in about 30 mins.
The other reason for going there is another in the Phoenix yum cha chain.

For this yum cha, we tried some new dishes - a fried eggplant-prawn dish that contained about 12 million calories, and a great watermelon and grass jelly dessert that was served out of a carved watermelon, yummy.
And they had one of my personal favourites, a sago 'thing' filled with red bean and egg yolk. The bf thinks it looks like something laid by an alien.

And here are some wonderfully graphic fabrics in IKEA. That place is massive, though I rarely buy anything because I don't want to queue at the checkouts (a bit 'princessy', am I).
The floating grass balls were hanging in the shopping centre. I thought they looked cool.


  1. heh i love ikea! not so much for the buying but more the wandering around aimlessly... ooh i like their daim chocolate tho! and i hate walking thru that area where u have to find your table or whatever in cartons stacked to the ceiling...

  2. chocolatesuze - is the daim chocolate like the american Dime? Love that bar! And yes, it would be the worst thing to bring home your table and discover that a leg was missing because you picked the wrong box.

  3. I'm not chocolatesuze but Daim is like Dime and visiting Ikea and getting one of their 50c ice cream cones and a bag of Daim bars is so much fun. Their soft serve is really nice-different from other soft serves.

    The Sogo Alien eggs looks great! I've never seen those before :)

  4. lorraine - gotta give the ice cream a try next time. Thanks for the recommendation.