Sunday, April 6, 2008

…it comes in Chocolate!

If Charlotte is all blonde and rosy cheeked, then this is her richer, more exotic, brunette sister, Chocolate O’hara.

She wears a chic chocolate mousse jacket around a smooth vanilla and pear (!) heart.


  1. ooo my god.
    all your cakes photos looks delicious and tempting!
    can i have one?
    hihihi :)
    i dont mean the photos, but the real ones.
    .... btw, Nice blog

  2. Belle, you must tell us, how often do you go to Zumbo? I wish I got to try as many as you have! I've decided to get an assortment of Zumbo cakes for my birthday instead of a large birthday cake. Why limit oneself to just the one taste? ;)

  3. Completely luscious! I am going to have to eat a Tim Tam just to calm the chocolate craving that these photos have created.

    Oh! Are any of these creations gluten-free?

  4. sweater - hi there, I don't think the cakes will travel well in the post, hehe!

    lorraine - I live across the road from Zumbo, that's my excuse. And do try and choose as many cakes as possible for your birthday, you only have one birthday a year.

    Lin Mei - would you believe there are occasionally cakes at Zumbo labelled 'gluten free'! So there is a god (cake god, that is!)

  5. Oh wow, lucky you being just across the road from Zumbo! :o