Tuesday, April 15, 2008

...If Whiskas went upmarket

I've tried in vain to get manky cat interested in more sophisticated eats. She is a cat, after all, and they are supposed to be fussy eaters.

So every time there's been cake or macarons in the house, I try and tempt her.

But to no avail. This is what she prefers... *sigh*.


  1. But why, Belle? Is it not better to keep the cake all for yourself? Does that make me a dog-person?

  2. Lin Mei - of course, the more cake for moi, the better. But if manky ate what we ate, then I wouldn't have to buy those revolting 'purrfect liver treats' that she likes.

  3. Indeed! Liver treats must be in the list of Definitive Oxymorons (if such a list could be compiled). I'd be a manky cat if macarons were always on the menu! But then again perhaps I would have the tastebuds of a manky cat...