Thursday, August 4, 2011

Simple chocolate mousse dedicated to Spink-Bottle

My dear mother recently asked me, “When are you going to clean out the books in your bedroom?”. Not in those exact words, though, and in a more, shall we say, irritated/cheesed-off tone of voice. You see, I’d been using my old room at mum’s house as a store room for the work outfits I no longer wear (nor fit into) and old textbooks, uni notes, records, craft projects, magazines, books… it’s a bit of a firetrap in there, truth be told.

So, like a dutiful daughter, and with just a hint of exasperation, I went through everything and dumped all the paper into the recycling bin. However, I did save my prized copies of PG Wodehouse and I spent a delicious couple of hours reliving life with Jeeves, Bertie, Gussie Fink-Nottle (aka ‘Spink-Bottle’, heehee) and the chappies at the Drones.

Oh, and what did I do with my old work suits (with biggish shoulder pads, in delectable bright pink, pastel blue, appropriate black)? I left them in the wardrobe, of course. Because fashion cycles dictate that they will be back in style in mid-2012, and I’m gonna be rockin’  the runway when they do.

During the cleanout, I found a newspaper cutting with this easy chocolate mousse idea. I made it and it made me smile as much as Spink-Bottle.

Simple Chocolate Mousse
Serves 4

100g dark chocolate, broken into pieces
300ml thickened cream

1. Melt the chocolate over a double boiler, or in the microwave. For microwave method, place the broken chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl, then heat on medium-low setting for 30 seconds at a time, stirring between heatings. It should be almost melted after 90 seconds, so just stir it until the chocolate completely melts. Set melted chocolate aside to cool slightly.
2. While the chocolate is cooling, whip the cream until soft peaks form.
3. Fold in the melted chocolate and stir until it’s combined and there are no white streaks in the mixture.
4. Spoon the mousse into 4 small bowls and refrigerate for 1 hour before serving.

Ingredients: Just some cream and chocolate
Whip the cream and fold in the melted chocolate

Spoon into glasses or dessert bowls and refrigerate

You can decorate the mousses if you like.
Fresh fruit would be good, but I didn't have any, so honeycomb had to do.


  1. For a moment there I thought your mum was talking about the bedroom in your own house. Now that would be stepping over the line. Your pastel work outfits sound smashing and when it comes around to wearing them again make sure you tease your hair in the appropriate fashion. I'm hearing the theme tune from Working Girl!

  2. haha. Your mother sounds like mine. When I moved out she told me that she didn't mind that I leave some things behind, but I made sure I cleaned it all out because history dictates that I would be so traumatised by the packing and unpacking, I would never look back. That choc mousse looks too easy to be true.

  3. I'm just waiting for the day my mother says that to me. I'm pretty sure half of my belongings are still in her house.

    SOLUTION - I'll just make her this mousse! that'll appease her.

  4. You're such a good daughter! My parents have been at me for ages. I find I go over in energetic spurts lol then not so much for about a year haha

  5. haha i certainly do hope the shoulder pads won't come back anytime sooon!! hahaha.

    delicious looking the simplicity! 2 ingredients!

  6. I am doing the same now... have so much old stuff that needs to be thrown out. We are moving city! ;)

  7. This looks like a dangerous recipe for me to attempt...if it goes well then it means i could have chocolate mousse whenever i wanted! yumyumyum, and if it turned out even HALF as gorgeously light and delicious looking as yours i would be over the moon! lovely :)

  8. I think that's the simplest choc mousse recipe I have ever seen! What's a spink-bottle/fink-nottle?

  9. hi Vivian - you must read all about Fink-Nottle here:

  10. Nothing like a good clean out and some dessert treat coming out of it. I wonder where my uni notes are now??!!

  11. Sometimes the simplest recipes are the most incredibly enriching. This looks just perfect!

    Little Miss Hedonist over here has absolutely no reason not to make this right now... at 10:10pm... ok maybe this is actually a dangerous recipe. Very dangerous!