Saturday, August 20, 2011

Oh my darling - Little Darling Diner, Balmain

There has been a spate of new restaurant openings in Balmain lately, and not before time, as the current places were getting a bit boring (for camera-wielding foodbloggers, at least!).  The Sucre chocolate cafe is settling in nicely, and Vice Wine Bar has opened across the road to cater for the classy winos wine connoisseurs. Further down towards Gladstone Park, an offshoot of the popular Surry Hills stalwart, Spice I Am, has started trading.

An exciting newcomer has also popped up next door to Efendy restaurant - or, if you prefer the Balmain thing of asking 'what pub is it near?', it's opposite the Cat and Fiddle. Little Darling Diner is a cute French-inspired cafe/restaurant on the site of that old seafood takeaway place.

And what a change from that old seafood takeaway place. The place has been completely made over with a mix of girly turquoise spindly chairs and manly dark polished wood. Is there a more lovely combination of colours than blue and brown? I don't think so.

Ooh, such gorgeous surroundings, perfect for afternoon tea or a glass of Champagne ($10 after 10am).

We arrived on the cusp of breakfast and lunch and decided on the breakfast menu. The brekky menu has the usual eggs, bacon and porridge as well as crepes and omelettes.

The most fragrant EBT (Theodora brand) $3.30, was served in a mod glass teapot and delicate china cup.

This was a more masculine corner. There are lots of photogenic spots like this.

Back to the food: wonderful smoky bacon in the bacon and eggs ($12.50); a fantastically cheesey baked eggs florentine ($14.50). Both were served with a very good sourdough toast. Servings were smallish, but enough for us.

After we finished, co-owner Nour kindly showed us around. This is the back area of the restaurant. This place is like the Tardis: there is a sitting area with window bar area, an additional downstairs dining room PLUS a sunny outdoor courtyard with umbrellas. Trés chic.
There were quite a few groups of ladies enjoying the sunshine when we were there.

 Melinda works the kitchen while Nour is front of house. Together with some efficient and friendly waitstaff, they are a great team.

Summary: Little Darling Diner is a darling place! I adored the decor, the food was tasty and it just has a nice vibe (sorry, that sounds a bit lame, but it has good ambience). LDD is also open for dinner, with dishes like lamb's brains, snails and cassoulet (French or what?). It's a charming addition (finally) to the area. Highly recommended if you're in the Balmain/Rozelle hood.

Little Darling Diner is at 485a Darling Street, Balmain, NSW
ph: 02 9810 5255

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  1. I would definitely love to brunch here! good hearty eggs for breakfast are totally my kind of thing.

  2. This place looks gorgeous! Love the beautiful furniture and the food looks great too.

  3. What a beautiful little spot and so very Balmain. Just checked the menu and seeing they do cassoulet I may have to make my way there immediately!

  4. Lovely find! I definitely have to drop by!

  5. What a cute little place :) I love vintage-y places like this and the food looks tasty and pretty good value

  6. I would love to hang around with friends in such daring place!

  7. Oh Bel! What a nice and cute place to the pictures.
    Hope you have a wonderful week ahead :-)

  8. What a lovely looking place - I'm in love with the butterfly tea cup - I want it!

  9. What a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing this gem, Belle. I have to visit when I am in town.

  10. If the food is anything like the decor I'd love to give it a try! Always lovely to find a new venue to add to your list.

  11. Such cute decor to match the name! Would love to try the brains and snails!

  12. What an adorable name! And I'm intrigued by the teas now. I wonder what their Earl Grey is like? :)

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