Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Adriano Zumbo's still at it - a not too shabby collection

Some more Adriano Zumbo cakes, including a couple of new mid-season releases:

The traffic cone-shaped  'Is anybody working' is very fragile.  It's a cone of wobbly mousse encased in bright orange crumbs.  I took one of these to a friend's house and it barely survived the journey.  It tasted alright, though.

'Not too s-h-a-b-b-y' is my favourite of this batch - the chocolate mousse is rich and smooth, and the cake looks so tall, dark and handsome.  I'd call this one 'Prince Charming'.

Another tart-based creation.  'La Premiere of Tom and Jerry' is a cacophony of flavours, though it's the almond mousse that dominates. The taste is reminiscent of Perkin's Paste - I felt like the class misfit that tried to get attention by eating the paste out of the jar...

'Pilgrim's Delight' is a not-so-delightful dome of strange-tasting cream topped with super-bitter burnt orange.  The best part for me was the praline crumbs and the cheesecake base, which I saved to eat last.

So, there are a couple of so-so cakes out of this lot.  I noticed a new vanilla layered cake called 'V8' when I was there with My Food Trail, but haven't seen it since... I want it, now!  Stay tuned to see if it turns up again.


  1. How can you not like Pilgrim's delight?! That's my favourite!
    I guess it is a bit of a strange taste, but the pumpkin flavour is really subtle and overall I think it tastes very gingerbread-y.
    I loved the texture of it, too. I hate anything too creamy or too crumbly and this was just perfect.

    I got the V8 on Sunday. To be honest, it wasn't my favourite, but that said I'm not so much into vanilla flavours.

  2. Zumbo's done it again. I love the look of "Is Anybody Working" Its almost to good to eat.

  3. I really like the look and ingredients of Pilgrim's Delight, but then your description doesn't really fill me with confidence. I might have to get a Not too Shabby to wash it down with just in case (in my imagination, of course, as I'm not actually going to be able to eat any of these! Wahh)

  4. Thanks again for giving up your V8 to me! :)

    I'll be posting my Zumbo visit in the next week. I got the Not to shabby cake too, but forgot to take a photo of the description of what's in it! It was the best of our lot too!

  5. i have been VERY intrigued by the tom and jerry, but i get the feeling you are *not* recommending it. ;) i like fennel, but not licorice... since it's not the dominant flavour though, i may eventually give it a go.

    the one i do want to try is the not too shabby. all the previous conservative slabs of chocolate have been delicious.

    just been feeling so uncakey lately.

  6. Every time I read the description of a Zumbo creation I wonder how he packs so many flavors in there. And when I walk into the shop I can never decide what I want cos they are all too good.

  7. Some of these actually sound a bit strange, and a tad unappealing! I'd love to try the chocolate one though.

  8. I would gladly swap a real prince charming for the not too shabby any day! Thanks for sharing the collection - I have been meaning to check them out. Love the preview!

  9. Yumm.....
    These sound so good! Is anybody working looks so cute! I love the names =]

  10. Oh yum! Hopefully I'll be going there next week for my first time and trying his goodies. I just hope I have enough room to try as much as I can :)

  11. OMG! I'm so drooling over the Not Too Shabby!

  12. You know I still don't get how he names his cakes. I'm almost convinced he just grabs the words from whatever he may happen to be reading or watching lol

  13. I think Zumbo is a bit overrated...much prefer simple baked goodies at Bourke St Bakery

  14. Checking in on you to see how you are!! And looks to me you are doing good! I love my dose of food finds here on your site, delicious looking! Loving the apricot mousse on top..yum!

  15. I get so hungry just by looking at those photos! Yum!

  16. I wanted to get the V8 last weekend when he had it but was relying on you to give us a low down on it.. I hope it comes back..

  17. How I miss Zumbo. Can he please open up a shop here so that we can enjoy it as well.

  18. I agree the Not too shabby is my fav too... but I havent tried the other three haha I think its time for another zumbo trippp wheeee

  19. Oh my gosh, these are pieces of art. I am so hoping to get to Sydney later this year. No prizes for guessing I'll be taking a wander (or two!) to this little piece of heaven!

  20. Haha, I Love the traffic cone inspired piece.

  21. Hi marloperry – I was trying to work out what that taste was, and you’re right, it’s gingerbread! Thanks for clearing that up. Sorry, I still don’t like it much, though, hehe!

    Hi A cupcake or two – Like most of Zumbo’s cakes, these ones grab your attention first. That bright orange is certainly a traffic-stopper!

    Hi Conor @ HoldtheBeef – if you don’t mind, every second cake I eat will be ‘for you’. Just don’t ask for them back any time soon...

    Hi Rilsta – yes, I love the Not Too S-h-a-b-b-y most of all. Glad you enjoyed it, too!

    Hi bowb – those chocolate plaque cakes are all really similar, but when you’re on a good thing, stick to it, is the motto. Quite right, too!

    Hi Mark @ Cafe Campana – hehe, at least the cakes are available for a couple of months – gives you more time to try them all.

    Hi missklicious – you’re right, I think the unusual flavours are definitely an acquired taste. Which I don’t have...

    Hi Trissa – hope you get to the shop soon. I may see you there!

    Hi Von – aren’t the names weird?? I’d like to know what some of them mean, but am afraid to ask!

    Hi BuBbles – did you get to Zumbo? Hope you tried lots!

    Hi Yen@Foodforfour – good choice! It’s the best one, I think.

    Hi Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella – that’s probably how he does it. Maybe a train of thought thing?

    Hi Ling – maybe the MasterChef popularity has increased his profile, but I think some of his creations are pretty clever. BSB is a great place, too (love the pastry).

    Hi Tiffany – thanks for stopping by. I am still loving your paper crafts, always will!

    Hi Anh – a little sweetness never goes astray!

    Hi Phuoc’n Delicious – I’ve had TWO V8s since then. They are verrrry goood! Have you tried it yet?

    Hi FFichiban – you should be making weekly forays! Hope to see you there soon.

    Hi penny aka jeroxie – oh you poor Melbournites! If Zumbo has any sense, I’m sure a southern outpost is on the cards.

    Hi Julia @Mélanger – I think you could definitely compete with Zumbo when it comes to beautiful cakes. It’s a great place to visit, regardless!

    Hi Y – the shape is fantastic, isn’t it? I had another yesterday, and it was a bit less wobbly than the previous ones.