Friday, March 5, 2010

A Chocolatesuze Wedding

I wasn't going to post on this event, especially since the 'official' photos haven't been released yet.  So I hope no one minds if I just show these couple of pictures.

Yes, it's from the wedding of Sydney's lovely foodblogging princess, Chocolatesuze, and her Noods.  It took place in a garden on a blazingly sunny day, surrounded by family, friends and well-wishers.

The bride and her attendants carried lollipop bouquets, and the groomsmen had lollipop boutonnières. Suze looked absolutely beautiful and was also dressed for comfort with wedding sneakers and an iPod.

Food was thoughtfully provided after the wedding ceremony. My favourites were the fairy floss and the Krispy Kreme donuts.  Wouldn't you love to have your own personal fairy floss man on call?
Everyone loves a wedding...

And just so I can put something under the 'Craft' tag, here is a picture of the card I made for the happy couple:
Details: Acetate card with American Crafts patterned paper and rub-ons; KI Memories ribbon


  1. i loved your card belle! thanks for coming and sharing the day with us!

  2. aww it was such a beautiful day! great to see you again Belle :)

  3. What a gorgeous card and I had no idea about the sneakers hehe!

  4. Looks like a fun wedding, and what a stunning bride :)

    Awesome card too!

  5. Hehe, I love the sneaker pic! And what a great spread of food!

  6. Aww.. What a lovely wedding to have attend to. Love the lollypops

  7. Love the card! Thanks for sharing some pictures of the big day too :)

  8. What a beautiful wedding. Cute bouquets and awesome food!

  9. Belle - you are so crafty! One day I'll have to go to your place and learn a few tricks! Lovely wedding pictures too! Suze looks gorgeous.

  10. Lovely wedding and gorgeous couple!

    And Belle, I just love your craft-related posts. Please keep them coming.

  11. Hello belle , i believe food was great !!! cheers from paris

  12. Hi chocolatesuze – thanks for getting married! Congrats again to you and Noods.

    Hi Betty @ The Hungry Girl - great to see you, too! It was a lovely day, wasn’t it?

    Hi Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella – those sneakers are so clever. Trust Suze to think of it!

    Hi Conor @ HoldtheBeef – Suze looked really amazing – and the bridesmaids were lovely, too.

    Hi missklicious – the food was great, and it was much appreciated (especially the drinks – it was a hot day!)

    Hi john@heneedsfood – yes, hear, hear!

    Hi Phuoc’n Delicious – the lollipops were kind of appropriate for a foodie, and they were so colourful. Very clever idea!

    Hi Y – you’re welcome!

    Hi gaga – everything was just right!

    Hi Trissa – I’ll trade you a card for some pate de fruit. Oh wait, you’ve already given me some pate de fruit... I’ll have to make you a card now!

    Hi foodwink – thanks for liking the Craft things, I appreciate it!

    Hi Pierre – it was lovely. Thanks for stopping by again.