Monday, December 21, 2009

Just a couple of Adriano Zumbo's Tarts

It's been a bit quiet on the Zumbo cake front at Ooh, Look, so here's a bit of eye candy before the festive season.  Actually, the Adriano Zumbo Patisserie does not seem as crowded lately, and there have been many of the new season's range of cakes available even late on weekends.  So it seems like the hoo-hah around Zumbo has subsided somewhat.

Anyway, here is a closer look at some of the new range - and they are all tart-based creations.

What looks like an egg on the Jessica Rabbit is actually hollow shell of icing-like substance.  This is a smallish tart with pieces of pandan jelly surrounded by the creamy coconut filling.  Personally, I wasn't impressed with this tart - too small for the price ($7).

This is the infamous Weekend at the Cross, the one that comes with a little plastic bag of watermelon powder.  Shock value aside, the tart is lovely to look at and refreshing to eat.  I love anything rose-flavoured, and this cake is faintly scented with rose, with the fruit topping providing natural sweetness and moisture.  Nice, and reasonable value at $7.90.

The Google it has a firm round of creme atop the citrusy custard in the tart.  It was okay, nothing spectacular, and not offensive.  At $7.90, it was alright.

Ah, Thermonuclear... looks like a reactor, tastes, well, unusual.  If I can be a bit critical, I'm not sure about the flavour combination in this cake.  The round, crisp shell is mint meringue, with the mint flavour being quite strong and 'toothpaste-y'.  The filling actually appears to be mashed potato inserted with small peas (podded snowpeas?) and raisins.  The rice pudding in the tart shell would be better off on its own, I think. This one also costs $7.90, though I doubt I will get it again.
Coincidentally, there was an episode of Heston's Feasts on recently (the Henry VIII one) that featured a dessert made of bone marrow rice pudding in the shape of a sausage, with 'mashed potato' (banana puree) and  peas (pea puree dropped into liquid nitrogen).  Great minds think alike - or something?

That's all for now.  Further Zumbo cakes will be consumed in the new year, so you can look forward to more ramblings on the topic then.  And you thought I'd stopped ...!


  1. Hooray for more Zumbo cakes from you! You're a very reliable source of cataloguing =)

  2. Heya! Give me a slice of your home baked cheesecake anytime over the thermonuclear whatchamacalit!

  3. Despite the possible ripp-off-ness of it, I'll have a Jessica Rabbit please. I'll make up for the expense by not buying a Thermonuclear :s

  4. I saw your mention of Heston's Feasts and just had to comment - that show has me utterly captivated! Would I cook any of it? No. Would I eat any of it? No. Yet I can't tear my eyes away, alternating between cracking up and gasping in shock - I am a Heston addict!

  5. Im glad someone is still a 100% loyal fan to Zumbo's cakes. I am yet to venture to Balmain to give them a try. I think is time to drop by soon.

  6. Lovely selection Belle! And so there's hope for weekend purchases huh? I never quite understand how he comes up with the names except for the Thermonuclear. That I can see! :P

  7. hi mlle delicieuse - I try and keep up to date with the cakes, but frankly, it does get a bit much, sometimes!

    hi Trissa - oh, thanks! The cheesecake was pretty good...

    hi Conor - yes, I'd rather have the Jessica Rabbit, also. But one's enough for me!

    hi mylifemoreordinary - Heston's Feasts is incredible, isn't it? I think I would like to eat most of the stuff he prepares - except the dormouse on a stick!

    hi Billy - I am quite loyal to Zumbo for sentimental reasons. And I'd love to know what you think of the new range.

    hi Lorraine - I'm glad the crowds are thinning, as you know, I really don't like to queue!

  8. Oh I had the Weekend in the Cross too and absolutely loved it! It was so nice and refreshing. If you do get yourself some more tarts, try the "Searching for cherries in a Black Forest" if you are a chocolate and peanut butter fan.. :D

  9. hi Phuoc - thanks to your tip, I got the 'Black Forest' yesterday, and it is indeed wonderful! The chocolate is so intense, and with the brulee, it's such a fantastic combination.