Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chewy Salted Caramels - a tense but happy experience

Amongst the many desserts at Almost Bourdain's Girly Lunch was my contribution of Chewy Salted Caramels.  They came about because I found a sugar thermometer that I had bought years ago to make something that never got made.  I think it was actually salted caramels, but I didn't get around to it, and the thermometer sat in a drawer, wrapped in tissue paper and with its price tag still on.  A sad, lonely, forgotten cooking accessory...

Chewy Salted Caramels
Makes about 24

250g white (caster) sugar
250ml (1 cup) double cream - this is cream with at least 45% whole fat
60g liquid glucose
30g butter
3 tsp sea salt, plus extra for sprinkling

1.  Place sugar, cream, glucose, butter and salt in a heavy-based saucepan.  Stir over medium heat until the sugar dissolves.
2.  Increase heat to medium-high and boil until the mixture reaches 118 deg C on a thermometer. It should take 7-8 minutes.
3.  Remove from the heat and pour into lightly greased mini muffin moulds or foil moulds.  Do not use paper moulds because the caramels will stick to them.
4. Stand until set.  Remove from mini muffin moulds, if using, and store in a single layer on baking paper in an airtight container for up to 5 days.

Recipe adapted from gourmettraveller.com.au

Anyway, this was my first ever attempt at making caramel sweets, and this is my story...

Ingredients, including the luscious double cream, which you could eat straight out of the container, if you are so inclined.  Not saying I did, not saying I didn't...

Boiling the caramel - don't do what I did and use a saucepan that is too small.  It was a very stressful, precarious situation as I watched the mixture boil higher and higher. It didn't overflow, thank goodness, but it was a close call.  It also took longer than 7-8 minutes to reach 118 deg C because I had to reduce the heat to stop it overflowing...

Now, don't tell me you couldn't eat this off the spoon.  I did not, repeat, not, do this!

Caramels are ready for their public appearance.


  1. these were so freaking awesome dude! looking forward to buying a sugar thermometer and whipping up a batch of these babies all for myself heh heh

  2. this looks like sweet heaven. double yummo!

  3. Argh, gorgeous in their little metallic cases!

    I was worried when I read the post title that you had almost pulled out a filling by eating one. Phew...

  4. You remind me of a candy thermometer that I bought years ago and haven't used yet. Now I don't even know where I have put it...must be in one of the drawers, too. I must go and find to make this. Look too good to resist.

  5. These look absolutely fantastic! So easy to make too but the looks of it. That is, if you have a candy thermometer :)

    You women must have had a treat at Ellie's place if this was but one of the many treats on offer :)

  6. OMG these are soo cute!!! I was eyeing them when i saw them on Ellies bench and I wanted to try them but when i went back for them they were all goneeeeeeeee :(((((

  7. These look so good! I'm hoping to get a candy thermometer for christmas and then I'll be able to make these. Can't wait!

  8. I have tasted them and they are so good....... Thanks for the recipe. Now I know what to make with my new sugar thermometer :)

  9. Wow, that was a close one! Lucky it didn't boil over, and good job rescuing a forgotten tool.

  10. Yay, so glad you posted the recipe! These were so amazingly good, and the perfect size too.

    Loved the salt flakes on top. Oh so tasty!

  11. I've been wanting to try these for ages, thanks for posting the recipe! Now to find that candy thermometer that I bought years ago when it was fashionable to make toffee...

  12. Mmm these were really great Belle! And well done making it in such a shallow pan! I agree with Helen, the size was just perfect for chewing happily on :)

  13. oh yum, how delicious do these look. A whole batch to myself is not too much right?

  14. They're very pretty! I tensed up a bit looking at that sugar boiling up - I could only think of a very sticky kitchen.

  15. They look fabulous Bel! And can you believe that I had a sharp intake of breath when I saw the almost boiling over pic of the saucepan? It was like I was cooking with you I felt so tense! :)

  16. These look so perfect! I never knew making caramel had to be such an exact thing! Great work.

  17. Mmmm caramellll! Hee hee that bubbling caramel in a tiny saucepan does make it look much more exciting :P

  18. I love salted caramel....anything, especially with chocolate. They look so so cool!