Saturday, January 3, 2009

When too much cake is never enough

So what is your new year's resolution?

Mine are:
1. Be positive and optimistic
2. Be kind to others
3. Eat more cake

This is my first cake of 2009 from Adriano Zumbo.

Cassius is so chocolatey yet salty at the same time. It is the best type of resolution because it is so easy to keep!


  1. I like your resolutions Belle. Eat more cake...that's the most important one :)

    I think I need to go and get my first Zumbo of 2009!

  2. hi Karen - I figure the first 2 resolutions are easy as long as the 3rd one is met!

  3. "3. Eat more cake"

    Best resolution ever!

  4. Happy New Year, Belle!

    Great resolutions although aren't you already 1 and 2? Number 3 should be a piece of cake ... or more *grin*

  5. hi FFichiban - I'm doing my best.

    hi Lin Mei - you are sweet. And no. 3 is difficult but I am trying...