Monday, January 12, 2009

After-work dining returns, thanks to accommodating cat

The other night, I was chatting with friends before going on to dinner, when I realised that we hadn’t been to Masuya for over a year. That is, since BC (Before Cat). Because in the early days, Tabitha was kept outside during the day and she disliked us being late home. Honestly, she’d be literally spitting with rage when we got back, which meant our eating out after work was curtailed. Not sure what that says about us – or the cat.

These days, Tab can be trusted to stay inside, hence the long overdue visit to Masuya. This is one of my favourite Japanese restaurants. I used to work across the road (in O’Connell St in the City) and went to lunch there often. There were also loads of Japanese tour buses that would eat there, which I took to be a good sign.

It has changed since then, with a more modern décor, less tour buses and, from what I could see, a majority of Chinese clientele. The food is pure wonderful Japanese, though.

The two of us had the sashimi platter, which was overflowing with fat slices of tuna, salmon, kingfish, hokki and scampi. The tuna and scampi in particular were soooo creamy and incredibly melt-y that you probably didn’t even have to chew it.

We got the tempura prawns because they were out of the sakamushi black mussels, and the three prawns (and a wedge of tempura onion!) arrived on the table piping hot and delicious.

I had a craving for soft shell crab, so we got the spider roll, which was filled with the said crab, avocado, crabstick, cucumber and a spicy chilli mayonnaise. I've had just the plain soft shell crab here before, and the spider roll is better because it is less oily.

There are two sittings on Friday nights, at 6pm and 8pm (our first dish hit the table at 8.15). The service is really quick, so, for us, there was no problem in finishing under an hour, if that's what you need to do.

And Tabitha was really happy to see us when we got home. I think we were happier, though, after such a great meal. The days of BC are officially over!

1. Sashimi Platter Special ($58) 2. King Prawn Tempura ($14.80) 3. Spider Roll ($17.80)

Masuya is part of the Masuya Group of dining establishments. “We aim to be the best sushi bar and restaurant in Australia, which is loved by all nationalities and generations” – Owner, Ken Sadamatsu.
Doesn’t that sound a bit like Chairman Kaga?


  1. Haha ripped from the headlines! Poor Tabitha, maybe she was lusting for some Zumbo sugar when you came home and had worked herself up into a frenzy? :P I find Spider Rolls absolutely delicious when done well :)

  2. I've never been to Masuya, but wow, the sashimi platter looks fantastic - all that yummy seafood. I shall go update the link now =)

  3. Oh yum! I haven't been to this in years! I loved the giant sashimi fresh! Your photos makes me want to revist :)

  4. I love Masuya, I'm never disappointed by the food there. Great looking sashimi.

  5. hi Lorraine - Tab is spoilt enough without sugar highs as well!
    And spider rolls are the usually a good bet (for me, not Tab).

    hi Chris - I've been to Makoto which is part of the Masuya group, and it is also great.

    hi Karen - I think that Masuya has the freshest sashimi, you need to revisit soon!

    hello Miss Honey - there's so many good Japanese restaurants around town, I agree that Masuya is always good.

  6. You've just reminded me.. I haven't been to Masuya in ages too! Our last meal there was pretty good, but didn't really blow me away.

  7. hi Y - it was ok when I last year, but I think it has improved since then (and they now have green tea brulee on the dessert menu as well!)

  8. Masuya ^^! I love the wagyu there soooo melty mmmm and the Sapporo Hot Pot is quite unique if you have not tried it :) though it is wayyy too hot in this weather haha

  9. hi FFichiban - the hotpot looked good (from the pic on the menu) but yes, might wait till the weather is cooler!

  10. Oh for some reason I always thought that Tab got some of the Zumbo goodness?!

  11. Lorraine - for some inexplicable reason, Tabitha does not like sweet things. Hard to believe, isn't it?

  12. Sashimi looks awesome. With Masuya, I get confused which chain it belongs to lol.

  13. Hi Howard - Masuya is linked with Makoto, Musashi and Miso (the Japanese triple M!).