Saturday, February 23, 2008

…it’s Pinky Tuscadero!

Rumour has it that three (3!) new cakes are debuting at Adriano Zumbo. Only managed to get my hands on 2 so far. None of them have names yet, though their descriptions are written on a bit of paper that Charlie can read out to you.

So, in the absence of a moniker, I dub this one ‘Pinky Tuscadero’, in honour of the supercool Happy Days girl.

Pinky reminds me of those creamy Chinese cakes from places like Helen’s and St Honore in Chinatown. It has a sponge cake base filled with strawberry mousse that is more tangy than sweet, so it isn’t too rich. I love the curl of choc on top as well. Rock on!!


  1. is one of the new cakes the one that is completely meringued on the outside, and then filled with italian custard and sour cherries? because that is the one that i really need to try next!

  2. Yes, bowb - the one that looks like a meringued turban is new, as is Pinky and a hazelnut praline one with white and dark choc nest on top. Photos of that one soon...

  3. Oooh three new cakes-sounds exciting! Thanks for tracking them down :) I like your name too, suits it perfectly!

  4. Lorraine - There's actually 4 new cakes! Don't you love surprises?

  5. Oooh how serendipitous! I must make another trip...