Sunday, August 23, 2009

Paddington Alive and some Mexican food

Another visit to Paddington on the weekend, and this time, it coincided with the Paddington Alive Fashion Festival, an offshoot of the Rosemount Australian Fashion Festival.

William Street is one of my favourite shopping destinations because it has unique clothing and shoe shops in what is a residential street. Today, the Oxford Street end of the street was closed to traffic which allowed for some relaxing window shopping. They even had free popcorn!

Scenes from William Street: Bunting over the street, arty shopfronts

Still on William Street: Good dogs, flowers from Ruby Slipper

Later, while walking down Oxford Street towards Darlinghurst, we stumbled on the opening of a new clothing store, High Tea with Mrs Woo, a collaboration of three sisters from Newcastle NSW. The store has a vintage-y feel and is filled with jewellery, Asian-inspired clothes. For the opening they also had delicious canapés including savoury mini cupcakes which are an idea worth copying! Shopping-wise, I bought a wooden brooch to add to my growing animal brooch collection.
Opening of High Tea with Mrs Woo, including ginger and Chinese mushroom mini cupcake; purchased a cat brooch

Much later, hunger set in (that cupcake was pretty small, after all). We stopped by Mad Mex in Crown Street for sustenance – soft tacos for me and burrito for him. Great flavours, and fairly authentic, by all accounts.
Lunch from Mad Mex: soft white tacos (top) and beef burrito (bottom)

Finally, we made a visit to Thomas Dux Grocer to pick up some stuff for out dinner. Why don’t they have this store near where I live? It’s fantastically laid out, with some of the fruit displayed in straw-filled wooden boxes. They also have food samples to try, and we ended up getting some Maltese sausage after trying the delicious sample. More on that another time…


  1. The ginger and chinese mushroom cupcake sounds interesting! I think I am too used to sweet cupcakes now haha
    Ah I found that Mad Mex is averageish but good for a quick Mexican fix

  2. Lovely - don't mind a bit of Paddington browsing on the weekend, particularly if it's sunny. Looks pretty festive with all the people milling about.

    Those Mad Mex burritos are enormous aren't they! I swear the one I orderd weighed about a kilo! Could've taken someone out with it.

  3. The little dog looks like my neighbour Fluffkins, who is very cute! I like the mini cupcake idea too.

  4. Ahh yes William Street is fantastic-so many great shops! I have spent many a penny at that Thomas Dux too! It's my dream pantry lol

  5. hi FFichiban - yes, hopefully savoury cupcakes are becoming more popular. They're like little muffins, actually!

    hi Forager - Mad Mex is alright, and I think it's the only fast food place that has rice and beans in its burritos - that's pretty authentic, isn't it?

    hi Arewn - I assume you meant the little curly dog, not the pit bull :)

    hi Lorraine - William St shops are fab, aren't they? I like Di Nuovo near the end.