Friday, August 7, 2009

I went to Zumbo and all I got was this tart

Do you sigh inwardly when someone says "I'm not prejudiced, but..." or "I'm not an idiot, but..."?
You just know they're going to put forth a view that is completely at odds with the type of person they say they are not.

*big inward sigh*

"Look, I'm not a diva princess, but..."

...I'm a bit disappointed on constantly missing out on cake from Adriano Zumbo. I've said it before (and of course I'll say it again), but the queues at Zumbo's shop are getting very tiresome. Even on weekdays, there's usually a queue out the door, and all the cakes are gone by about 1 or 2pm.
And don't even think about arriving after 12pm on weekends unless you like looking at an empty counter...

Well, that's my rant out of the way.

When I went to Zumbo today, there were only about 5 macarons (slightly cracked) and a couple of citron or gianduja tarts left. So I went for a "Voice of the Village" (aka Village Voice). Gianduja, chocolate and caramel in a sable shell, hazelnuts on top.

Oh dear, I feel a rant returning...

I did notice that the tart was a bit small. I mean, it's still nice and all, but it is smaller than, say, the Lean on Me tart from last year.

Compare and contrast...

By the way, standing in the queue at Zumbo does give you the opportunity to read all his mentions in the press, as they're pasted on the shop window. Impressive.

There's also a sign behind the counter that says that Zumbo unfortunately cannot:
- do deliveries
- make customised cakes
- make wedding cakes
- make cakes from past collections

Oh no, no past cakes! At least I have my memories (and photo collection) to comfort me.


  1. I totally agree with you - there's nothing more disappointing than missing out on the dessert you want. Surely Zumbo could ramp up quantities to satisfy his customers - new and old!

  2. I concur completely. It was quite a damper last weekend to find that all the cakes were sold out around noon. Not even a macaron was left. =(
    Surely Zumbo can arrange for 2 deliveries per day, to keep up with demand? Or I may just have to camp out overnight...

  3. Why did I read this post at afternoon-tea-o'clock, when my house is totally tartless? Why? Satisfying my sudden Gianduja craving with Nutella isn't quite going to cut it.

  4. hahaha Belle I think you need to go to Zumbo rehab! :) I still haven't tasted a single Zumbo creation... damn! Must get my bum to Balmain pronto, before everything runs out again!

  5. Hmm yeah I went to cafe and noticed that due to the masses and they trying to rush desserts that they are not up to the same quality as before which makes me a sad :( but they still good.. just not as good...

  6. I'm afraid to go on weekends because I know I probably won't end up getting anything, but they're the only time that I can go. Boo.

  7. hi Zina - my consolation is that others are missing out, too, more's the pity. Hope everyone gets what they want, eventually.

    hi yygall - hehe, camping out would be fun! Apparently, they have up to 4 deliveries on weekends, and they are still selling out.

    hi Anh - join the (drooling) club!

    hi Conor - maybe mixing some dark chocolate with the Nutella will alleviate your cravings?

    hi Trisha - lately, you would not be the only one wanting Zumbo but not getting any, hehe!

    hi FFichiban - I feel a bit sorry for the staff having to cope with the irate customers, but that's the price of fame, I suppose.

    hi Betty - it is a shame; how about taking some time off and going on a weekday? It would be worth it, I think.

  8. Oh no what a shame you keep missing out! I know the bit about wedding cakes as many people have emailed me about Zumbo doing their wedding cake (or not being able to do it as it turns out). It's best he sticks to his regular cakes (and keeping the shelves full hehe) as I think wedding cakes require a lot of attention.