Sunday, July 6, 2014

London eats - Shake Shack and Brick Lane

London really is a fantastic city for food.
I've been spending all of my time in the centre of town, and from a daily sandwich lunch at Pret a Manger to higher-end restaurants, I've yet to have a bad meal.

The summer festivals are in full swing at the moment, and although the weather isn't exactly 'summery' (it's often the same temperature as Sydney in winter), a sunny day will bring out the tank tops and shorts and a wander to the nearest markets.

The Brick Lane Market is a collection of different markets, all located in the Brick Lane area of East London. The Boiler House Food Hall is packed with stalls selling tasty dishes from the Caribbean, Asia and Africa.

It's possibly the same food that you could get from your standard food court or mall, but everything is served from these large heated pans that makes the food look so colourful and appetising.

On the Sunday that we visited, the main street was crowded with tourists, and music blared from performers and ghetto blasters on the footpath. Also lots of stalls selling vintage gear and the usual treasures (or junk, depending on how you look at it).


From one tourist area to another.

On the following (rainy) Saturday, we headed to Covent Garden
Because Shake Shack is there.

This is the closest I've gotten to this legendary burger joint and it did not disappoint.
It's pricey but worth it. The burgers were GBP 5 and  7. 
While we were waiting for the food to arrive, there was a massive thunderstorm, but I wasn't going to give up my table for some piddly English summer shower. So we just scooted in a bit and enjoyed our burgers and fries under a leaky market umbrella. Yum!

After, we joined the tourist throng, and intermittent showers, and walked up to Piccadilly Circus via Leicester Square.
I love how English pubs (and even banks!) have those vibrant pots of petunias sprouting from windows and hanging from the awnings.
Even this branch of the Slug and Lettuce chain of bars has classic architecture. 


It's also my mission in London to check out as many phone boxes as possible.
These two are in Carnaby Street.
rating for these is 4 out of 10 (a bit funky smelling)


  1. Love those colourful foods on the food stalls...The burger does look very tempting!

  2. Such a a fun day Bel...thanks for the tour...great pictures as well.
    Hope you are having a fantastic week :D

  3. Aww those phone booths are such a dying breed. I found it creepy that so many phone booths in London were jammed with call girl cards though. lol