Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ooh, Look... Best of 2012 and Cat of the Year

Another year over, a new one just begun...

To celebrate the close of a great year, I thought I'd put together a collation of some of the popular posts from this blog in 2012. So let's join hands and take a quick journey down memory lane - it's a very short lane because I can't totter very far in my high heels  =)

1. Spicy Fish Burgers - a lovely light meal of crusty bread filled with a fish fillet and veg
2. Raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake - a spectacular dessert topped with luscious berries
3. Red velvet cupcakes - celebrate Valentine's Day with your own bit of sweetness
4. Lemon lime tart - tart by name and tart by nature!

5. Lettuce, dill and mint cakes - I was a bit obsessed with 'fritters' this year...
6. No-bake chocolate cheesecake - as featured on the cover of delicious magazine
7.  Mushroom Carbonara - extra tasty, and NO CREAM! ftw!
8. White chocolate and macadamia cookies - where homemade is a trillion times better than bought

9. Chicken and broad bean casserole - full of colourful winter veg, and slow cooked
10. Little apple and pear pies - with crumbly soft pastry and cosy flavour
11. Chocolate snaps with sea salt - a pretty favourite that's super easy to make
12. Espresso granita - strong coffee and ice crystals - a match made in dessert heaven

13. Thai-style beef salad - I make this at least once a week, the salad dressing is especially sublime
14. Jamie's coconut buns - wow, this was a popular post. Bonus: the buns are fab
15. Japanese chicken meatballs - canape par excellence on a toothpick
16. Salted caramel fudge - salted caramel was the flavour of the year and these sweetmeats don't disappoint

Cat of the Year Awards 2012

Winner: Tabitha
The softest cat in the world.
Sweet-natured (when she feels like it), always hungry and meowing for food.

Winner: Henry
Henry is a neighbour's cat but has made himself at home (occasionally) at Chez Ooh, Look.
Shows up at mealtimes.
A real cool cat.


  1. Very kind of you to give ole Henry an award! Are he and Tabitha friends yet? And how did I miss your Mushroom cabonara recipe?

  2. Agreed. Salted caramel really was the flavour of 2012, and something tells me it'll carry on in 2013. What a wonderful year in food we've had! Look forward to many more posts from you, kind of counting on them, and more updates in the feline department!

  3. I have loved reading your posts and recipes this year. I've book marked a few, ready to go for 2013. Have a Happy New Year lovely and looking forward to what you'll be kicking out in 2013 :) xx

  4. Nice roundup of your posts, and I'm loving all your gorgeous photos as well. Hope there's even more deliciousness heading your way in 2013!

  5. I love all of these sweets you've posted! Here's to an equally delicious 2013.

  6. Your photos are making me drool!

  7. Beth, I love your best of the year ;-) and I still want some caramels...they are truly tempting!
    You too have a sweet and healthy new year!


  8. Happy New Year, great roundup!

  9. Congratulations to the winners!!! ;) Haha Happy New Year!

  10. Happy 2013 - hope it's a good as 2012 looked from your roundup! Henry is definitely one of those cats that win staring contests. Just look at those eyes!

  11. Very nice list of recipes! I'm hungry now.

  12. happy new year! here's to an even more delicious 2013!

  13. What a delicious parade of food! It would make a gorgeous calendar for this year! Happy New Year for your households-feline inhabitants included! :P

  14. Wow, you sure have a string of delicious year of 2012...I hope you had a great holiday and ready for another great year.
    Have a wonderful week Bel!

  15. New Year's resolution - lose more weight. Well, that was until I decided to scroll and check out your archived posts. Your photography is outstanding! You take the most beautiful photos. And the food! The food!

  16. Oh I remember that spicy fish burger! Mmm I must make this, this summer!!
    I see that Henry is no longer "Evil Henry" my, how he has evolved over the year!!