Tuesday, October 9, 2012

tweet tweet: Thai-style Beef Salad

Are you on Twitter? Who do you follow? And who follows you?

I’m yet to get on the facebook bandwagon (in fact, I think it left the station long ago and I’ll have to wait for the next wagon to come along). But I love Twitter’s immediacy – and brevity. If you’ve got something to say, then just say it in less than 140 chars. Brilliant!

Twitter’s particularly good for catching up on the latest news – what’s ‘trending’, in Twitter-speak – although it can make you feel a bit behind the times when someone you’ve never heard of is getting lots of attention.

I mainly follow other bloggers – food, fashion and craft tweeters, hi there! – but not too many Hollywood or music stars, unless they support good causes and also tweet glamorous photos of A-list events. Restaurant tweeters are a mixed bunch – some of them use social media really well and regularly interact with their clientele, but others have no idea and you can tell that someone’s told them to get on it but really, they act like they’re at a party but are too up themselves to talk to anyone.

Which brings me to today’s recipe. I’ve made this super-simple, extra-delicious salad heaps of times since NZ cooking celeb, @AnnabelLangbein, tweeted it a couple of months ago. She often provides links to fabulous dishes from her own website, and this one is a winner. She has also just produced a new cookbook, so hopefully there will be more of the same on the twitterwaves.

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Thai-style Beef Salad
serves 2

2 thick sirloin or rump steaks (approx 170-200g per person)
2 tblsp fish sauce
salt and pepper
½ tblsp vegetable oil
2 eschallots or 1 small brown onion, peeled and thinly sliced
1 Lebanese cucumber, peeled, deseeded and cut into small batons
12 cherry or baby grape tomatoes, halved
20 mint leaves, torn in half
½ bunch of chives, cut into 2cm lengths

1/3 cup Thai sweet chilli sauce
1 tblsp fish sauce
Juice and zest of ½ a lime

1. For the steaks: Sprinkle the steaks with fish sauce and salt and pepper. Pour the oil into a large frypan over high heat and cook the steaks for 3 minutes on each side (for medium-rare). Add the eschallots to the pan when you turn the steaks over. When done, remove the steaks from the heat and allow to rest for 5 minutes while you make the salad. Keep the eschallots in the pan with the meat juices.

2. For the dressing: In a small bowl, whisk together the sweet chilli sauce, fish sauce and lime juice and zest.

3. Put the cucumber, tomatoes and mint leaves into a large bowl.

4. Cut the steaks into 1cm-thick slices. Add to the salad bowl with the eschallots and pan juices. Pour over the dressing and top with the chives. Serve.

recipe adapted from annabel-langbein.com

A bowlful of fresh flavours: baby grape tomatoes, eschallot, cucumber, mint and lime.

It's the dressing that really ties this salad together, with the heat of the chilli sauce combining brilliantly with the tang of fish sauce and the tingle of lime.


  1. I mainly follow food bloggers too (though feel betrayed when the start tweeting about sport)! Thai beef salad is one of my favourite Thai dishes...you shall be "pinned"!

  2. I love your Henry pics on Twitter and Instagram, may they never end!
    Awesome, healthy salad Bel, great find! :)

  3. Companies and restaurants can be so hit or miss when it comes to twitter...but when recipes like this come out if it...it's all worth it! Great salad!

  4. I love me a good thai beef salad. There's something about it that I just drool over. With you on that regarding twitter and restaurant tweeters too!

  5. I am going to start with these

  6. I mainly follow and tweet stuff like food, gardening and animals.
    Your Thai beef looks delish.

  7. Dear Bel,

    The tangy taste of this Thai beef salad is so appetising. I mainly follow food and music people on Twitter.

  8. Twitter has quietly become my communication method of choice, topped only in frequency by instagram (because I take more photos than have coherent thoughts). Facebook has slowly slid to the back of my priority list, and I think if it were not for certain relatives & former workmates, I'd delete the thing altogether.