Monday, October 24, 2011

Chat Thai Westfield - a hot spot

Nice menus. Saves me having to type the post title!

The Westfield Level 6 restaurant precinct above the food court is turning out to be a fantastic place. Lots of excellent quality restaurants and still some construction going on. Having recently visited Xanthi and Mood for Love (pics to come), this post is about the well-known Chat Thai.

This was my first time at Chat Thai, I think. I may have visited the takeaway branch in the Galeries Victoria, can't remember. We got here early for lunch (12pm), so didn't have to wait for a table. Judging by the crowds normally outside Chat Thai, a wait is usually inevitable, though it looks like the turnover is quite fast inside the restaurant.

Inside Chat Thai Westfield - dark, modern decor, waitstaff in signature yellow t-shirts

To drink, Thai tea with sweetened condensed milk ($4.50), Corona beer ($8).
The chicken larb ($12.50) was surprisingly super spicy, the hottest out of all the dishes we had.

Roast duck with noodles ($15) - lots of moist, delicious duck pieces
Fish cakes ($10) - a very good version, not too oily, topped with fried basil leaves

Fried chicken wings ($12) - Bangkok wings are like spicy buffalo wings, comes with a chilli dipping sauce
It gets busy at Chat Thai, but the service is quick and efficient.

Icy coconut dessert ($6.50) - we thought they delivered the wrong dessert at first, seeing only some coconut on a mound of ice. But if you dig into the bowl, green squiggly worms, taro and other goodies appear. The ice melts on the tongue, leaving the scent of coconut milk. So refreshing, Yum!

Our other dessert, thin 'crepes' filled with uncooked meringue and dried shrimp ($8). Pretty as a picture and lovely to eat. Thankfully, you can barely taste the shrimp and the shell is a crisp delight, like a wafer. The meringue is melt-in-the-mouth.

Overall, I like this Chat Thai. A bonus is that if you can't get in and don't want to wait, there are other good restaurants nearby that you can substitute.

Chat Thai Westfield is on Level 6, Westfield Sydney, Pitt St Mall, Sydney
ph: 02 9221 0600

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  1. I'm well overdue for a visit to Chat Thai. It's one of the closest restaurants to work but do I ever get up there? Nope

  2. I was thinking of places to eat lunch today- cannot believe I did not think to visit here! (I've been wanting to try chat thai for a while now....) The food looks great! I want to try those crepes- they look so pretty ;)

  3. Oh! They all look delicious, especially the desserts...
    Hope you have a great week Bel :-)

  4. I heart Chat Thai. It's so ridiculously GOOD!! I haven't been to the new one at Westfield yet but I'm sure it won't be long until I find myself there :)

  5. Yum! The fishcake looks like a great lunch option!

  6. Thai food in these parts tastes nowhere NEAR as good as this looks. I'm super envious. I think it's time I visit, no?

  7. I love the sound of those crepes...intereting ingredients. I'll make it to Chat Thai one day!

  8. Ooooh I def need to get up there for a Friday lunch. Those crepes sound interesting.

  9. Need to try this Chat Thai out. I've heard the menu is slightly different to the one near Capitol Theatre.