Monday, November 22, 2010

Adriano Zumbo CakeWalk Summer 2010

 Tonight was the night that Adriano Zumbo Patissier unveiled his long-awaited Summer cake range, in an even longer-awaited Cakewalk.

It was held at Rosebud Restaurant and Bar in Rozelle, NSW. Over one hundred and fifty fans of the Adriano Zumbo Appreciation (facebook) page were quick to respond to the invitation and we tried to squeeze into the venue with the hope that the local occupational health and safety and fire departments were otherwise occupied.

The pretty models were part of the NSW Miss Country Girl pageant:

Fortunately, there lots of samples of the new range were provided for us to taste.  This made up for the incessantly long wait for the show to start.

 This licorice cake was gorgeously black. It had pop rocks inside.
{Flacco ref here}

Thanks for a great cakewalk parade.
Best of luck with the new range: It looks faaabulous, daarling!

The Summer 2010 cake range is released to the eager public on 23 November. I will brave the inevitable queues and bring you more of the range soon.

Adriano Zumbo Patissier is at 296 Darling St, Balmain, NSW


  1. I was there too with a couple of other food bloggers :D The initial wait and lack of organisation were really frustrating but anything can be forgiven with free cakes. The mango and macadamia thing was nice! Having sugar overdose now :P

  2. Flacco!!! HA! Brilliant.

    Looks full enough to get everyone to sweat off all the extra calories. Very considerate of the organisers :)

  3. My god what an AWESOME event! Can't wait ot here more about it!

  4. looks like a fun and awesomely tasty event :-)

  5. omg. that hair!! ;P hope there will be no repeat of that. the raunchy raspberry tart, on the other hand...

  6. aww this is awesome! miss sydney and wish i had been there too! looking forward to see more of the range you wil be braving the queues for moi to see! lol

  7. Hehe I thought that was Flacco for a moment! Well better late than never for the Cakewalk!

  8. Love the event concept! Looking forward to checking out more of the new range via your blog! I am officially on a strict diet as of yesterday until the new year so won't be letting any of it slip through my mouth... I hope! Argh, temptations!

  9. What a fun night! I'm so jealous, would love to have gone.

  10. It was a good idea for a cakewalk but I have to say it was a poorly organised event. A long wait whilst we watched the models rehearsing! Shouldn't this have been done earlier? Then crammed in to the space, given lemonade or coke!!! Badly explained by the MC. Then the models didn't really know how to show off the cakes (not their fault if they were rehearsing that late). The tasters were nice but I think the whole event could have been slicker, tighter & a hell of a lot more fun. I'm sure the TV will edit it so it looked like we were having a blast. My group wasn't.

  11. ahh - im still comming down from the sugar high!
    would have loved to try the licorice cake too!

  12. @anonymous I can see where you are coming from, but it was a free event. We got free cakes! If you want a slick and tight event, be prepared to reach into your wallet. Simple as that.