Thursday, October 7, 2010

Another fine Mess - Apricot and Turkish delight

 Turkish delight - one of the Middle East's most wonderful inventions!

I know that some people can't abide Turkish Delight's sweet, fragrant stickiness, but I love it.  There are several different flavours available, and I always get the rose.  This brand of Turkish delight is made in Australia (by the Real Turkish Delight company) and it's particularly fine, with a clear, vibrant coral pink colour.  It looks brilliant with the apricots in this version of Eton mess.

Apricot and Turkish delight mess
serves 2

100g mascarpone
50g Greek yoghurt
25g icing sugar
1 medium store-bought meringue, broken into pieces
6 apricot halves, chopped (if using tinned apricots, drain before using)
3 cubes Turkish delight, chopped
2 tblsp pistachios, chopped

1.  Combine the mascarpone, yoghurt and icing sugar in a bowl and stir until well combined.
2.  Fold in the remaining ingredients and gently mix together.
3.  Divide the mixture between 2 small bowls and sprinkle with extra pistachios before serving.

Recipe adapted from BBC GoodFood (UK)

 Ingredients (clockwise from left): rose Turkish delight, big meringue, tinned apricot halves, pistachios, Greek yoghurt, mascarpone.  I also used the icing sugar that covered the Turkish delight.
 Serve the mess in glass bowls to show off the fabulous colours.

And the mascarpone and yoghurt are refreshingly light and not-too-sweet.


  1. What a easy dessert that is sure to please.

  2. I love how this looks so bright and cheerful! hehe...I've never tried turkish delight before, although I think I might not like it =S But this dessert looks delicious though! I'd definiely like this!!

  3. Wow this is so pretty. I love Eton Mess and I also love turkish delight. I'm going to bookmark this one - what a great dinner party dish that looks fab but is really easy. How clever!

  4. When they're good, I love Turkish delights!

    This looks like a great way to use them. Never would have thought to use them in this fashion.

  5. I don't normally like Turkish delight itself. But in this dessert? Totally!

  6. Absolutely beautiful! I close my eyes and can almost taste that stunning combination of flavours!

  7. Bel they are beautiful Turkish delights. Just like what you'd expect to see in a proper Turkish deli. And love the take on the eton mess.

  8. Hey Bel! I haven't had Turkish delight since I was little. Now I want some. You know, that's something to 'Google'-my new neighborhood's Middle Eastern store;)
    Oh, and this Mess with Turkish delight is genius! Sounds so nice...

  9. I'm one of the Turkish delight lovers out there. I've yet to really encounter anything in life that's too sweet for me. This eton mess looks like a symphony of colors and flavors.

  10. LOVE Turkish delight! Rose is my favourite as well and you just reminded me I need to stop off at me favourite supplier un in Newtown. Apricot & Turkish delight mess, great combo!

  11. This looks so beautiful Bel! I love the colours!

  12. Oh Helloww! I've always wanted to make turkish delight, thanks for making it easy!

  13. That dessert looks fantastic. One look at that and I don't think anyone could ever resist.

  14. wow This looks so colourful and pretty! Excellent photos.

  15. You're so clever Bel! The colours on this are so amazingly pretty too! :) I'm an avowed TD lover :P

  16. It's funny how Turkish Delight divides people so much. I LOVE it and thus I LOVE this. Capitals required.

  17. with this dessert I could come and visit you !!Pierre de Paris

  18. Oh Oh Oh!! excited much!!! love your mess! the colours on that dish are soooo enticing!! *drools*