Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cakes! Black Star-Cupcake Factory-Zumbo

While waiting for the new Zumbo cake range to hit the shelves, I did something traitorous different and visited some alternative cakeshops...

Firstly, Black Star Pastry in Newtown:

Black Star Pastry (277 Australia St, Newtown, NSW. Open Tue-Sun 7am-5pm) is a tiny patisserie/cafe with some seating outside on the footpath and a nice selection of cakes, pastries and pies inside the shop. 

The ginger ninja is the famed gingerbread guy that comes with or without a chocolate ninja suit - the countergirl said that the chocolate ninja was better, which is why I got two - neither lasted the trip home, with some damage to the ninja's nether regions being done while waiting at Newtown Station...
The gingerbread ninjas (about $4 each) were sublime, with a soft, almost creamy texture, and a 'just right' hit of ginger.

Also purchased and consumed were two canelles and a little Persian fig cake with quince and pistachios (approx $4).  The canelles (approx $3 each) were only alright, as they were a bit too cooked for my liking.  The Persian cake, on the other hand, tasted as sweetly inviting as it looked. 

Not much later, I ventured into the Cupcake Factory:

This Cupcake Factory outlet is just inside Balmain Mall (298 Darling St, Balmain, NSW), and right next door to the Adriano Zumbo Cafe Chocolat.  I'd imagine it is ideally located to get some of the overflow from the Zumbo cafe though on the times I've walked past, it's been mainly empty.

But how are the cupcakes?  Are we over cupcakes yet?? Not if they're as good as these!

The store is filled with mini cupcakes ($1 each) and normal cupcakes ($3.50 each), on cupcake holders and in a cabinet.  I like the thoughtful tissue-lined carrybox, too.

I bought the strawberry cupcake because its head of strawberry chocolate curls reminded me of Mrs Thurston Howell III's bathing cap.  The caramel cupcake was topped with lovely caramel-flavoured buttercream and a jersey caramel. Both cakes, incidentally, are moist and vanilla-flavoured, which counteracts the sweetness of the icing.

There are lots of other flavours to try, and it's an ideal place to grab a well-priced snack if you couldn't be bothered with the queues at Zumbo's.

Speaking of which, I haven't been backward in sampling the latest Adriano Zumbo (Winter 2010) rangeAnd here is something to whet your appetite:

This is Mandarin and Rose

Others that I've had (and enjoyed very much) are:
What a great pear of... (aka Pear Perfection from Junior MasterChef finale)

I will be updating my tumblr site with more Zumbo cakes as I try them. 
Please try and keep up!


  1. mmm. i've been thinking of those cupcakes these last two days. cake craving! i might have to make a trip there this afternoon as a post-school excursion. :)

  2. YAY new Zumbo! I am so going there this weekend!

  3. Massive cake-fest! But love how you're my one-stop shop for checking all things Zumbo =)

  4. Hehe now come to think of it, I don't think I often see a non Zumbo cake here! I'm not sick of cucpakes yet but I always think the best ones are homemade :)

  5. I love the look of the canelles. I know they are not the most photogenic treat but they taste so good.

  6. Black Star is one of my favourite local cafes. Great coffee and that Persian cake is beautiful.

  7. Gosh. I love reading your posts on cakes and pastries. Just makes my mouth water. Shall await the zumbo!

  8. Ngaww...the ginger ninjas look so cute! And I love the strawberry cupcake too!

  9. Hey Bel, these places sound so nice. I don't know how you were able to taste it all in one day! My tum would have taken out its vengeance on me in one way or another (smile).

  10. Dear Editor of Encyclopedia of Zumbo cakes,

    Thank you for this update on the Winter range. I tried Grains (my favourite), Tiramisu, Mandarin & Rose and What a great pear of the other day, and enjoyed them very much. However, I think our friend Adriano should cut down the sugar content in some of the cakes.

    Looking forward to your future posts on the same subject.


  11. what a torture to look at these photos!!!

  12. Hehe, I thought of a bathing cap too! Mmmmmm tasty bathing cap.

    That Persian fig cake is so pretty. Pretty enough to eat. I'd love to have a rumble with that ninja too, I am pretty sure who would be victorious but you never know..

  13. I've been meaning to hit up black star for the gingerbread ninja but I don't go newtown anymore :( but now I really must go just for it hee hee

  14. Please shoot me now. For two reasons. 1/ I want all of those sweeties right this minute, but cannot have it. 2/ I have never been to the Adriano Zumbo Cafe. Bang!

  15. The cupcakes look gorgeous and for a dollar for the mini ones - they are really worth it. We got a couple (okay, actually we got a LOT) for my sister's baby shower. It was a hit!

  16. You are a very resourceful person when it comes to information on Zumbo goodies! =D I had to consult your blog/tumblr site on Friday when trying to explain what goodies I had bought home for the bf to try.

  17. Love all these beautiful cupcake pictures!!! Great choice while waiting for Zumbo's lastest collection.