Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine’s Day at Adriano Zumbo

What is Valentine’s Day good for?

1. About 1 week after Christmas, department stores and gift shops are festooned with pink and red and glittery hearts – not good
2. It is the busiest day of the year for florists. The cost of flower deliveries skyrockets, as does the cost of (imported) red roses – not good
3. The classifieds publish love messages to ‘my cute Honeybunny’ from ‘your big Fluffywuffy’ – good for a laugh but not much else
4. In the week leading up to February 14th, Adriano Zumbo Patissier presents heart-shaped macarons and Valentines cakes – finally, a WIN!

The macarons in the store are a riot of colour, and beautifully packaged, to boot.

Some of the flavours I bought – they are pastel-y and subtle.

The Valentines cake is an extravaganza of strawberry jelly and hazelnut.
Have a sweet day, everyone!


  1. Who else but Mr. Zumbo to come up with heart-shaped macarons? They look fab as does the Valentine's cake! I was disappointed there wasn't a Fluffywuffy cake though .... :-)

  2. those heart shaped macaroons are adorable :)
    thanks for posting!

  3. Belle,
    I awarded you a blog award at my blog :)
    Make sure you come and pick it up sometime


  4. I went in for a visit on Thursday and managed to grab a few things. I got a box of the raspberry shortcake macaron and marshmellows that I will be sharing with the boy. For myself, I got the Queen of Hearts and it was absolutely divine. I hope you enjoy yours too! YUM! :D

  5. very cute
    wondeer how he got all the macarons the same heart shape (assuming u can only pipe them onto the baking tray??)

    i love your zumbo posts (i have not been yet so its awesome eye candy)

  6. Awww, Pretty heart shaped macarons!

  7. Hi Belle - thanks for posting the macarons and the valentine's cake - they look fantastic as all Zumbo's creations are!

  8. heart shaped macarons oh so cute! love that shot of the heart macarons piled up!

  9. i want a heart shaped macaron! liking the flavours that zumbo has come up with too :)

  10. Love is in the air! Fantastic creations from Zumbo as always!

  11. I just watched the My Kitchen Rules episode where the Perthites massacred macarons, so it's nice to see these babies :)

  12. Oohh heart-shaped goodies hee hee need to head back for a Zumbo fix asap!

  13. oh darling, i love all your special treats you have here. they all look soo delicious! love the blog so i'm following. =) come follow too if you like.

  14. Aww they're so cute! Which was your favourite flavour?

  15. Ooh, so pretty! Your blog is like a catalog for all the wonderful Zumbo creations! :) I can't wait to finally get the chance to visit but I'm not sure how many cakes I will be able to eat on my own! :P

  16. The heart shaped macarons are gorgeous! Edible presents are most fun to give and to receive.

  17. Mmmm thos pictures look really nice!!!

  18. honeybunny to fluffywuffy... hahahaha that's the best i've heard so far!

  19. Hi Joey@FoodiePop – I think the Fluffywuffy cake is on the agenda for next Valentine’s...

    Hi Kristy Sayer – the heart macarons are a Zumbo specialty and you can’t not take a photo of it! And thanks for the award!

    Hi mlle delicieuse – those macarons are popular, I don’t know why they aren’t more widely available.

    Hi Phuoc – hey, when you got the Queen of Hearts, was there a heart playing card on it? Mine didn’t have one, but there was one in the pic in the newspaper!

    Hi Betty – I’m surprised you haven’t been to Zumbo yet! You must go soon, you’d love it.

    Hi missklicious – aren’t the macarons cute? I think they sell out because everyone loves them.

    Hi Trissa – you’re welcome! Did you get the chance to get some?

    Hi penny aka jeroxie – hope you can get to visit Zumbo when you’re in Sydney

    Hi chocolatesuze – it’s not hard to make the macarons look good!

    Hi panda – the flavours are great because they are different to the usual ones. And they look good, too!

    Hi Ellie – hope you had a lovely Valentine’s

    Hi Conor @HoldtheBeef – didn’t that Perth guy have a complete meltdown? Oh well, they’re gone now...

    Hi FFichiban – maybe I’ll see you there at Zumbo!

    Hi Nunu of Classically Cool – thanks for visiting. Your blog is really interesting!

    Hi Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella – the black forest didn’t look very ‘black’ but it had cherry pieces in the ganache, so that was good :)

    Hi Rilsta – you’d be surprised how easily the cakes are consumed. I usually have to share one cake between us, but it means you can get to try different ones

    Hi Arwen from Hoglet K – ooh, I love practical gifts, too, and food is the most practical there is!

    Hi Sarah A – thank you!

    Hi Trisha – hehe, imagine if someone called me ‘Honeybunny’. I’d punch them!

  20. I am so jealous of their perfectly shaped macarons. I just made my first attempt tonight and clearly I am not macaron gifted. BOOOOO.

  21. We missed it again this time ... darn!

    Gotta love Zumbo for his divinely good macarons regardless of their

    Hope you had a sweet and romantic Valentine's Day.

  22. wow, i'm in awe of those perfectly formed heart shapes... we are really missing out on zumbo's cakes in melbs!