Friday, January 29, 2010

Aussie-American salad of Lamb and Pomegranate

Yes, folks, it's still summer, season of sun and mellow saladness.  It makes me wonder why I don't do more of this type of dish in the winter months.  Read on...

This is a lamb and pomegranate salad that is supplemented by small kipfler (fingerling) potatoes.  For some reason, pomegranates in Australia in January are all labelled 'Product of USA'.  The same applies to the common lemon - no matter where you see them in the shops (supermarket or grocer), they are all imported from the US.  Impact on global footprint aside, the fruits are sweet and full of juice.  Let's just hope the pomegranate and lemon travelled by sea, not air.

Salad of Lamb, pomegranate and potato
serves 4

juice and grated rind of 1 lemon
1 tsp dried oregano
2 tblsp olive oil
500g lamb fillet (I used lamb backstrap)
6 small kipfler or anya potatoes
2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
80g baby spinach
2 roma tomatoes, sliced
1 pomegranate, seeds removed

1.  Combine lemon rind, half the lemon juice, oregano and 1 tblsp olive oil in a bowl.  Add the lamb, mix and cover.  Put in refrigerator for one hour.
2.  Meanwhile, cook the potatoes in a large saucepan of boiling water until tender.  Drain, and when cool enough to peel, remove the skins and cut potatoes into thick slices. Place in a large bowl with the garlic, remaining olive oil and remaining lemon juice.  Season with salt and pepper and toss gently to coat.
3.  Preheat non-stick frypan (or grill pan) to high.  Cook drained lamb fillets for 3 minutes each side.  Remove from heat and rest for 10 minutes before slicing.
4.  Add spinach and tomato to the potato and toss together.  Put the salad on a plate and top with the sliced lamb.  Sprinkle with pomegranate seeds.

Do you like my potato scrubber? It was actually labelled as a 'pot scrubber', but I took that to be an abbreviation for 'potato scrubber'.  It works beautifully on potatoes.
To get the seeds out of the pomegranate, hold half a pomegranate over a large bowl and whack the skin with the side of a wooden spoon.  The seeds should fall out easily. Very satisfying.

This is just the type of dish to remind you of summer.  And of our American friends....


  1. That looks delicious! I love pomegranate but don't think I've used it in a salad before.

  2. Love how pomegranate seeds look like little jewels and add that classy touch to anything they're added to!

  3. Looks really great for summer. My aunt used to have a pomegranate tree, and we used to spit the seeds out all over the lawn as children! I'm not sure why all the supermarkets have them imported, but I'm guessing maybe its so they have a consistent supply? I think the photos are deserving of foodgawker, but maybe they got picky about the exposure or composition..that's what they always say about mine?

  4. You took a pot scrubber to be an abbreviation for potato scrubber? Awesome! Lovely looking dish and great recipe.

  5. Yum. You've inspired me - I'll hunt down some pomegranate from the Markets today. There's also a similar recipe in the Gourmet Traveller magazine this month that uses quails.

  6. nice and refreshing summer dish. and good use of the scrubber ;)

  7. i love seeing people cooking with pomegranate - it always looks like a lot of fun banging out the seeds with a wooden spoon :)

  8. hi belle
    I saw once Nigella lawson cooking this kind of food that loooks scrumptious !! CHeers from sunny paris !! Pierre

  9. Lovely salad. Great for the current summer heat!

  10. That looks so lovely and colourful! Yes I've noticed that about the Pomegranates and lemons. I wonder how they do travel?

  11. Beautiful colours :) I adore pomegranates and their juicy, ruby-like seeds.

  12. Another beautiful summer dish, and I'm loving your potato scrubber. It looks like a little Tiki man doll with crazy hair :D

  13. hi Zina @ tastedbytwo - poms are so versatile. I like them in salad because if they are a bit tart, then it doesn't matter as much.

    hi mlle delicieuse - the colour of the pomegranate seeds are so lovely. You should have seen them all in a bowl...

    hi Chris - even though the fruit is imported, the prices aren't that bad, so shouldn't complain. Thanks for yr feedback on the photos. *sigh* foodgawker is frustrating, sometimes.

    hi joey @ FoodiePop - I still think it means potato scrubber!

    hi foodwink - pomegranate and quail is so Middle Eastern, isn't it? I wish I was brave enough to cook quail, it would be fantastic.

    hi penny aka jeroxie - thanks, salads in summer are about the only thing I can manage after a day at work ;)

    hi panda - I tell you, getting the seeds out is the best part! You must try it sometime. Just make sure you do it in a large bowl - the juice goes everywhere!

    hi pierre - yes, good ol' Nigella is such an inspiration. Glad it's now sunnier in Paris!

    hi Ellie - yes, no-cook is best when it's hot!

    hi Lorraine - given that the imported fruit are not expensive, they probably come by boat. Which would make them fairly old :(

    hi Ladybird - I love the brightness, too, and yes, very jewel-like (wish they were real jewels!)

    hi Conor - hehe, yes, or he could be one of those troll dolls!

  14. That looks amazing! Lamb and pomegranate? Sounds interesting. I'm not too fond of lamb, but I think I'll try this one.