Wednesday, August 12, 2009

You have 1 new message: Zumbo Squeeze

This lack of Zumbo action lately has really put the pressure on our household, and the word is out – if you see some, get it!

So I was pleased to get this phone pic sent to me, indicating that a midweek foray to Adriano Zumbo Patissier was successful. Yes, the picture is a bit fuzzy and it’s upside down, but I got the message loud and clear: “Tonight, we’re havin’ cake!”.

This is the Squeeze, an orange-based cake with an unusual combination of flavours.

I’m not sure about this one, as the orange marshmallow is quite bitter and the crèmeaux is rich but not sweet, and I’m not keen on the cardamom in it, either. I think you’d have to really like the spices to ‘get’ this cake.

The textures, though, are lovely, especially the almost chewy marshmallow with bits of 80% chocolate chips.


  1. ohmygod! marshmallow, choc chips, sticky date pudding, cardamom cremeaux - what an explosion of flavours and textures!!

  2. This cake confuses me. I don't know where to look. My brain hurts.

    (I'm sure my stomach will take over the reins soon though)

  3. ;o I think I saw this when I went last Sunday! Unless there's something else that looks similar...

    If only I'd known what was inside... I never read the labels xD

  4. How cute is that! It looks like a little furry monster :P You must be having some Zumbo cake withdrawls huh?

  5. Yum - this one looks like it'd appeal to my tastebuds. But then I really like anything with marshmallow! Boy - do the Zumbo staff know you by name yet?

  6. Oh, the layers look pretty intense! But yay, you got to try another Zumbo cake :)

  7. hi Trisha - the marshmallow was the best bit. Never tried to make it, but I like eating it!

    hi Conor - hehe, my tastebuds were pretty confused, too.

    hi Alice - I have to read the labels, otherwise I keep thinking I know what that flavour that is, but get it wrong.

    hi Lorraine - it looks like Cousin It with some sort of skin condition...

    hi Forager - ditto on the marshmallow! There are lots of staff at Zumbo, but I have my favourites...

    hi Betty - yes, it's good to try them all, just to say I've done it. A bit childish? No!

  8. I have been in Sydney about six months and have yet to try a Zumbo cake. I love your obsession and wish my partner had a devoted sweet tooth like yours! How wonderful are cake text messages!

  9. hi Megan - texts about cake are the only kind I want to receive!