Wednesday, July 29, 2009

100th Zumbo cake eaten by Ooh, Look

How do I know this is my 100th cake from Adriano Zumbo?

1. I've eaten at least one cake a week from Zumbo since they opened just over 2 years ago
2. I've photographed all of them and have the photos to prove it.
3. There are 77 'cake (Zumbo)'-tagged entries in this blog
4. I started this blog 7 months after the first cake

Wait, this is more like the 150th cake...

Never mind, any cake from Zumbo is great cake, and I've loved every single one.

My cake consumption over the past 3 weeks has been drastically reduced because of Zumbo's popularity After MasterChef - long queues, sold out cakes. It shows no sign of abating, so I was lucky that bf was able to pick up these two creations mid week. By all accounts, the Upside Down Cloud and Pinenut Millefeuille are usually all that's left (along with the Finger Tiger).

So, cheers! Hope to reach 200 cakes very soon...

Pinenut millefeuille - the bottom layer that looks like chocolate is intensely pinenut-flavoured.

Upside down Cloud - this one was falling apart slightly, but the sunny citron ball is still shining.

Edit: I've just realised how obsessive this seems. Maybe I should use my cake money and join a gym instead...hmmm.........(****HELP*** someone has kidnapped Bel and taken over her brain! )


  1. Congratulations! That is an awesome record - wished I lived closer to his shop, I'd buy all his salty caramel macarons all the time!

  2. OOHh CRAZYYYY!! I love how you have been counting tho hee hee Well Done! I applaud you! And at this rate you will make 200 easy (as long as you can be patient and settle with the same gateaux)

  3. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you at all, and I must thank you as it was you, dear Belle that introduced my to the pleasures of Zumbo!

  4. whether its 100th or 150th, it calls for a celebration (with more cake)! congrats and cheers to another 100 ;)

  5. Hehe I think it's totally understandable! If I lived in Balmain I would want to have eaten 100 Zumbo cakes too! It's pretty crazy that you managed to figure it out though :)

  6. oh my, you visit some lovely places!
    here's to your other 100.

  7. Fantastic achievement! You would have enjoyed every last bite of those cakes, and all I can say is that I'm insanely jealous of you!

  8. After reading this post I want to try ths bakery, :)

  9. That's a remarkable feat of cake eating! Well done.

  10. Uhm, I have a confession to make: I have never tried a Zumbo cake before... I'm hoping it'll be soon though! I'm the only one missing out!

  11. hi YaYa – the salted caramel (and the popcorn) macarons are delicious, aren’t they? I love living so near to the shop!

    Hi FFichiban – I’m not sure I should be claiming credit for anything – except maybe excessive consumption!

    Hi Reemski – so glad I could help! Though I’m sure you would have found Zumbo soon enough, with all the raves he’s getting.

    Hi Jen – hear, hear! That’s how I see it too – 200 here I come!

    Hi Steph – my arithmetic is pretty accurate, hehe! Though, thinking back, I am probably way past 150 by now **burp**

    Hi Cathie – thanks so much!

    Hi Maria – hope you get a chance to visit Sydney and/or Zumbo soon!

    Hi Anh – better start making plans, I imagine Zumbo’s popularity is only going to increase.

    Hi Arwen – thank you *blush*

    Hi Trisha – I’m thinking you’ve left you run a bit late, sweetie. Let me know if you plan on visiting and I’ll save a place for you.

  12. 100th zumbo cake? I haven't even had my frist!

  13. LOL Congratulation!I wish I could be the proud owner of such an achievement.

  14. Congrats!! Obsessive? Nah..

  15. 100 cakes is quite an achievement!

  16. Oh wow. That is a lot of cake to consume! Lucky you don't show any evidence of it! I know you're not the only one lamenting the long queues now - so are the poor harassed workers inside!

  17. hi Ellie - don't feel bad, you aren't the only one who hasn't experienced Zumbo yet,

    hi Linda - thanks, it was hard work, though!

    hi Y - I repeat, I am not a stalker...

    hi panda - Yes, I wish I could reach such milestones in other parts of my life.

    hi Forager - funny you should mention that, the shop boys and girls seem to take it in their stride, but cracks are appearing during peak times (weekends).