Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Trip down Memory Lane: Zumbo's Berries

We know that the new Adriano Zumbo range is special, thanks to Not Quite Nigella. There are lots of new and unusual flavours that are the Zumbo trademark, and some traditional (or as traditional as Zumbo gets) as well.

So while we wait for the newies to arrive, here is a reminder of some past juicy Berry creations.

Update on cake names (top to bottom, left to right): Berry tart (April 2008), Fleur d'Fraise (Dec 2007),
Nora (Mar 2008), Berry brioche (April 2009),
Berry tart whose name I've forgotten (May 2008), Charlotte Full (Nov 2008),
Have a chat Kai! (Nov 2008)


  1. Ahhh what a sweet (literally and figuratively) trip down berry lane ^^! Mmmmm

  2. oooooh!
    it's lovely over here, i found you via NQN, that arbiter of good taste.

  3. Nice theming! Have you tried all of his cakes by now? I should think you'd probably have one of the most comprehensive image libraries of Zumbo cakes!

  4. Oh yum! Thanks for the midnight cravings! lol

  5. These must go back a little while as I'm only familiar with his soon-to-be ending range of pastries.

    All look pretty good but what were the names of there delights?

  6. This commment isn't directly related to your Zumbo post, sorry, but I wanted to contact you and I couldn't find another way to do so! I've been reading your blog for a while, mainly cos of Tabitha... so when I saw this (the bit about the cat food email from the PR company) I immediately wondered whether you got it! Keep up the great work, it's a great blog :)

  7. hi FFichiban - ah, memories, light the corners of my mind... and our tastebuds!

    hi projectivist - thanks for visiting. And yes, NQN has great taste, doesn't she?

    hi Lorraine - we were just talking about you! I do have lots of photos, some of which are in an old-fashioned album from before my blog started.

    hi missklicious - happy to oblige!

    hi Simon - I knew there was something I forgot! I've edited to put the names in. Thanks.

    hi flapflap - isn't the catfood/blogging scandal hilarious? I think it's called Pussygate now. I should put my hand up because I have a blog and I have a cat! And Thanks for your kind comments.