Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Zumbo Layers

I know what you must be thinking, “Geez, we haven’t seen any Zumbo posts lately! I hope Belle@OohLook is keeping her strength up by eating enough cake..”.

Rest assured, I am getting enough cake, and keeping tally for posterity (and posterior – mine). Luckily for me, the queues at Zumbo are thinning out a little after the MasterChef excitement and there are plenty of cakes for everyone. Better be quick, though, I imagine that the Sydney International Food Festival will be whipping up more enthusiasm shortly.

And so while waiting for the new Adriano Zumbo Patissier range due in a couple of months, here is a montage of previous layered or Opera-style cakes. The dates are when I first tried the cakes.

August 2007Imperial. One of the first layered cakes, topped with gold leaf.

September 2007Magilla. Magic gorilla?

November 2007Cha cha cha. This had salt flakes on the chocolate plates, and a tinge of very hot chilli, yowza!

December 2007Scuro. This cake was so good it was reissued in February 2009. A stunner.

March 2008Piste as she goes. Strange name for a strange cake. Pistachio, from what I remember…I didn’t post on this cake, but I certainly ate it!

April 2008Essaouria. The chocolate plates have become a recurring theme, and this Moroccan-inspired fantasy did not disappoint.

July 2008Cinque Terre. Ooh, how I loved this cake – the olive pieces in the chocolate mousse, the meringue, oh yum…

September 2008Tanzanie. Don’t you just love the neat layers and the Magilla-like curve of glossy chocolate

November 2008Cassius. The perfect combination of choc plates and Opera layers.

Craigie Bam! (top photo) – November 2008. Salted caramel crumbs, chocolate and more caramel.


  1. I really do love your Zumbo posts. You have a pretty nice collection of cake experiences!

  2. You certainly have tried a good range of Zumbo's cakes... I detect a bit of jealously coming from me :P hehehe

  3. That's quite a selection of layered cakes! Your research is very thorough (and for a tasty cause), and I love the photos.

  4. Hahaha Belle you're my idol! My ZUMBO idol!!!

  5. Very, very impressive collection of cake experiences - such dedication!

  6. Hehe. I love your Zumbo dedication....!!

  7. *Drool* I love all those photos! Zumbo is one of the places I must visit when I go to Sydney next year. For the longest time I have been viewing his goodies on your site but never tried it!

  8. hi Megan - thank you, the cakes are very photogenic, aren't they?

    hi Anita - ooh, but you wouldn't want my expanding waistline...

    hi Arwen - if there was a position for research assistant to maitre patissier, I'd be first in line!

    hi Trisha - hehe, I've never been anyone's idol before, but you're very welcome!

    hi YaYa - it's a hard job, and I'm doing it!

    hi Betty - Zumbo cake is just about the only thing I *am* dedicated to...*ahem*

    hi Rilsta - Can I be your Zumbo tour guide - pleeaasse?

  9. You've definitely got to win the award to most sampled and most devoted fan! :) I think you've got the most comprehensive collection of photos of his cakes!

  10. As one without a sweet tooth - I have to say I love these posts and live vicariously through your sweet tooth!

  11. Hey Belle,

    I thought about you on the weekend when i went to visit zumbo (FINALLY) lol! When i think of zumbo I think of your blog cos your blog is the ultimate dictionary to adrianos cakes!