Sunday, March 16, 2008

...tick tick tick

This Zumbo creation is so aptly named! Covered with shards of chocolate and filled with hazelnut and chocolate mousse. From the centre, when the timer goes off, an explostion of sweet gooey caramel oozes out...(that's enough of the blowing up metaphors for now)

PS: You need a super-sweet tooth for da bomb, or at least a cup of green tea or something to go with it!


  1. I love how the chocolate and caramel just oozes in the picture!

    Surely he's close to getting the numbers for a catwalk show by now?

  2. lorraine - yeah, the shop has been packed recently so hopefully that translates to facebook visitors.

  3. Drat, we may have to hand out flyers in Darling St!