Wednesday, March 12, 2008

...more chocolate than you can poke a stick at

As a change from all that cake, a friend and I decided to do a chocolate course (what else?) It was held at Kimberley chocolates in Lilyfield.

Whenever I mentioned I was spending a couple of hours at a chocolate shop, everyone went ‘Ooh, imagine all the chocolate you’ll be eating’. But in fact, that’s the last thing you want to do because you’re surrounded by it.

It was heaps of fun. We rolled our own truffles (mine were coffee flavoured – yum) and used the chocolate coating machine to put 2 layers of chocolate over little balls of ganache.

In the picture below, I made all the chocolates except the colourful ones in the top row. They were so cute coming off the conveyer belt! Remember that Lucy episode where she is packing the candy and ends up stuffing them all in her mouth…

I only managed to eat 3 chocs during the course and I’m slowly getting through the 30 or so that we brought home. Between mouthfuls of cake, that is.


  1. Looks like fun! Don't think I've ever had a Kimberley chocolate before. What chocolate do they use?

  2. y - they use good quality dark chocolate, mostly. The choc-covered peanut brittle is to die for! Keep an eye out for it.