Saturday, July 11, 2009

My lone visit to Bacco Pasticceria

Bacco Pasticceria is located in the foyer of Chifley Plaza (cnr Elizabeth St and Hunter St in Sydney CBD). So amidst shopping at the swish shops there, you can fortify yourself with a coffee and cake at this Italian-inspired café. And, as there’s an office tower above, you can line up with the office workers for the privilege.

Bacco has been open for a while, but I was prompted to visit only when I bumped into some work colleagues, each carrying one of its cake boxes. “Ooh, what have you got in there? Where did you get them? Why didn’t you ask me to come with?”. After being bombarded with questions like this, they were probably glad they didn’t ask me along to what was a spur of the moment visit (so they said). I immediately made a beeline (alone) for the Chifley building.

There is a wine bar alongside the café that serves food and drink and is very popular at lunchtimes and after work. The café is staffed by a little team of baristas who churn out the lattes and dish out the cakes. The selection of cakes is impressive – lots of cream-based gateaux and some macarons.

I ended up with a ‘Zuppe Anglais’ (shouldn’t that be 'zuppa Inglese'?) which was layers of orange jelly, strawberries, sponge and sweetened cream in a plastic cup. Tastes better than it sounds. It was moist and flavoursome and just enough to push me through an afternoon’s workload.

I also got two macarons (strawberry with caramel ganache, and blue with chilli chocolate ganache). These definitely tasted better than their lopsided shapes suggest. The chilli chocolate was a surprise and a nice one, too.

There’s plenty more where these came from, so I’m going to plan a weekly visit to try the different offerings. And maybe my colleagues can be convinced to come along – if they’re lucky, haha!


  1. I love the sound of the chilli chocolate! Lucky your work is so close by!

  2. oh, I've read great things about this place. Must get there!

  3. i've been asking the boy to trek here to get me some cakes but he still hasn't gotten round to doing it! I work on the other end of the city and his office is like 5 minutes away!

  4. Those macarons really are lopsided. Judging by their appearance they really shouldnt be a hit. But yu'e right, sometimes we should just a macaron by its appearance.

  5. I know you'll understand this Belle but how pretty are the boxes? They remind me of Laduree ones! Good to know that the macarons taste good despite the look!

  6. nice find, I should goto Chifley more often it's not too far from my office. I use to go there only for ton ton ramen but it seems there is other decent stuff to try as well!

  7. I also went there alone one time. the canolli is very good (even the biscuit outside was a bit soggy).. Mmm.. i will go try again :D

  8. hi Betty - yes, the chilli chocolate was a surprise. Nice, though!

    hi tummyrumble - it's really popular, obviously from word of mouth, and it's justified, I think.

    hi panda - you need to ask more often and more louder (just don't nag)!

    hi Maria - yeah, I was a bit shocked that the macarons could barely stay upright in my macaron tower! But they did taste fab.

    hi Lorraine - I know! The boxes are of such good quality, too, with thick cardboard and glossy finish. Mmmm, cake boxes...

    hi Howard - the food court seems to be a bit more upmarket to other places, and since they've renovated, it's a nice place to lunch at.

    hi bean sprout - they have such a large range, don't they? I like the desserts in the glasses and there are so many for us to try. I'd love to see what you get next time.

  9. Chocolate and chilli macaroon sounds superb. It's a nice unusual combination. I can't believe your workmates didn't offer to go back with you for more cake!