Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Check out his mouldings!

Just finished my first taste of Adriano Zumbo's new creation - the one shaped like a drink can. And will you have a look at the detail on the top of the cake; it's just like a real can. It's so detailed that I compared it to a can of Mother, and it's even more realistic.

Pick the difference between the real can and the cake!

Lift off the top (actually a plate of chocolate covered with silver powder), and the inside is filled with chocolate mousse/ganache and a cherry jelly centre. A tangy, sour and fizzy sensation (citric acid) is sprinkled on the bottom of the jelly.
In short, it's amazing!


  1. oh! it appears the coke can has gone through a couple of re-incarnations already! that moulded top does look very very fancy though. i like!

  2. i agree! this is possibly my favourite so far (out of seven tried)

  3. Pure genius! I still haven't been down to check out the new collection *back away slowly* - please don't hurt me!!

  4. He sure works fast doesn't he!

  5. wooow looks like its been changed, but that looks so real! I like the Do Not Litter + Please Recycle lettering!

  6. I wonder if he made the mould on a real can? It's certainly very realistic.

  7. Hi shez – yes, I was very excited to see the updated design, too.

    Hi bowb – me too (favourite, that is)! I also like the one in the glass with the eye-dropper.

    Hi Betty – I’m losing patience with you – you must go and get Zumbo cakes NOW!

    Hi Reem – I think some of them are still ‘evolving’! Worth trying again, I say!

    Hi Chris – isn’t the detail incredible? Even the can of Mother isn’t as detailed!

    Hi Arwen – it must be moulded on a real can. I’d love to know how he does it...

    Hi Bean Sprout – couldn’t have put it better myself!

    Hi Panda – You took the words right out of my mouth!

  8. wow it looks exacly the same wow

  9. ommggggggg I MUST go morrow now 0_0

  10. Ahh brilliant! It looks so good! He said he might try doing that and it looks like he totally succeeded :)

  11. I think I'm going to run away to Sydney. At least that way I'll get the chance to try some Zumbo cakes rather than be tortured by reading everyone else blog about it!

    That is one awesome creation though.