Thursday, November 27, 2008

Eat, my Pretties..., eat!

Today’s Zumbo cake is brought to you by bf (or, more accurately, bought for me by bf). It is not the type of cake that I would go for at first glance because it reminds me of … a witch (surrounded by warts of coconut macaroon). Or if you are less easily scared, then it looks like a witch’s hat.

And for those kind friends who’ve tagged me in the past, I might not have responded because there’s not much that’s interesting about me. EXCEPT that I am frightened of green witches. And this cake is a dead-ringer for Witchie Poo or the Wicked Witch of the West **ooh, shivers!**.

Which is all moot, because its real name is ‘Dr Apple’. Maybe Dr Apple’s mother was a witch?

But when I peeled off the green skin, what revealed itself but a heart of pure Pointy, apple cider hat and all!

So maybe its not so bad. After all, some witches (blond ones, like Sabrina or Samantha Stevens) are good witches.


  1. Oh you don't like green witches? I wasn't partial to them until I saw Wicked where I loved the main character (the Wicked Witch of the West). I might just have to order this because of my utter devotion to her. Haha good detective work uncovering the Pointy! ;)

  2. hi Lorraine - I'm not sure about Wicked. I like the witch logo, but not the concept? And I think Pointy was an early version of Dr Apple. Haven't seen it around recently.