Sunday, September 28, 2008

A weekend of cake (so what's new?)

The new Zumbo chocolate cafĂ© is due to open 11 October, according to the signs in the cake shop window. Can’t hardly wait!

In the meantime, here’s a ‘Boom!’. Not quite ‘da bomb’, but an explosive mix of meringue and white chocolate crust, passionfruit mousse, and rhubarb and strawberry jelly. I love these fruit-infused creations.

The weather this weekend was a perfect taste of summer (even though it’s spring). So perfect that we caught the ferry to Circular Quay and played at being tourists (‘ooh look, there’s the Bridge, take a photo of me in front of it! Ooh look, there’s the opera house, take a photo of me in front of it! Ooh look, there’s a seagull. Eeewww!’).
Also paid a visit to La Renaissance patisserie in Argyle St in the Rocks. The cakes looked a bit traditional compared to Zumbo’s, but the macaron flavours included rose, vanilla, jasmine and chocolate. Here are the rose and jasmine.

The rose was pleasantly rose-scented, but the buttercream filling was strangely stiff. The Jasmine did not really have any flavour except of eggwhites and sugar, and the macaron itself was a bit hard. Pretty, but no cigar… However, I highly recommend Nougat Limar (stall at the Rocks Market), a soft, creamy nougat chock full of cherry, cranberry and pistachio.


  1. heh i saw the macarons at La Renaissance but wasnt too sure about how they would measure up to zumbos lol hey dude we're organising a foodbloggers meetup can u send me ur email address cos i cant find it anywhere on ur blog

  2. Ah, I was wondering what their macarons tasted like, having seen them many times in the window, but never getting round to buying one.

  3. hi chocolatesuze - Zumbo is the benchmark for me when it comes to cake! And macarons, too.

    hi y - the Renaissance macarons look good, but tastewise, I don't think they're too crash hot.